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  2. Here are some more pics of Sweetie, my WOW cat (Thanks Michael!) You can see in the profile pic that her nose is not a straight line from forehead — that is the only thing that I can see that differs. She has great pantaloons in back – real long and white. I will try to send a pic of that. The profile pic was done by my daughter who is a photographer

    • She is one of those memorable cats on this website. There aren’t many. There are 13,000 cat photos of the site and your Sweetie is right up there with the very best, in the top 10. She is very classy. Great photos too. Well done to your daughter.

  3. I adopted Sweetie from our local humane society. She was given up at age 6 and the only comment from the previous owner was that she didn’t get along “with the other cats”. She is gorgeous and looks like she is a Norwegian. She also has the personality. I have owned cats my entire life but never had a cat with a personality like hers. If I am sleeping and she wants to wake me she starts with patting my face. If that doesnt work she starts pulling my hair. She won’t take any insults or rough play that she considers insult and will literally attack me and slap me if she gets upset with me. If I am on the computer too long and walking in front of the screen doesn’t get me off she will slap my hands when I go for the computer mouse. She always gets her way and runs to our room wanting me to follow. Her coat is gorgeous and her mane gets so long I have to admit I have to trim it so she can wash without getting mane hairs in her mouth. Her eyes are so incredibly green they don’t look real. The only part of her that isnt exactly like some of the NFC show cats is that her nose is not completely straight as a board — I think her nose is perfect.

    • Catherine. She is a WOW cat. I agree she looks very much like a Norwegian FC. In fact I’d say that it is almost certain that she is a purebred brown-tabby-and-white Norwegian Forest Cat. And she is gorgeous. She has NFC written all over her face! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful, fluffy and cute cat! I’m definitely going to consider the breed for when I’m choosing my next cat. Thanks for the info!

  5. Howdie,
    I was given a rescue cat Xmas 2011. He had been attacked by other cats and was quite sick when he came to live with me.
    I noticed he had really long hair coming from his ears and his eye brows and long long whiskers also he has really cute tufts of hair between his toe’s (thats my favorite) but the double coat and long maine he is sutch a beautiful cat good looking and good natured. I believe he is a desendent of the Norwegian Forest Cat. After reading the detailed description and viewing the pictures of the Norwegian Forest Cat I am sure that Thomas is a Norwegian Forest Cat. He loves fish. I love him. Thanks for all the details and information on these cats its been reall helpful for me I now know what type of cat I have, thanks again. A fantastic cat. Helen

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