Cat thinks twice before pushing glass of water off shelf – picture and video

Picture of tabby cat thinking about pushing a glass of water off a shelf
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Picture of tabby cat thinking about pushing a glass of water off a shelf.

This is another cute TikTok video of what looks like a grey tabby purebred cat, perhaps a British Shorthair, thinking quite intensely whether they should push a glass of water off a shelf. That’s the impression we have although I’m probably anthropomorphizing this cat. It’s just the way he looks at the glass of water, gives it a small push, stops and thinks, and then in an act of wanton criminality (!), he pushes it over the edge and rather disdainfully looks as it falls to the ground. Now, in reality we can see that the video was constructed and constructed very nicely. There is very little water in the glass for a start. Also there is no smashing sound as the glass hits a hard surface. There is probably a nice soft landing zone out of view and the little bit of water in the glass doesn’t make any difference to that landing zone which is possibly a cushion. That’s the way it has worked in my opinion but of course I’m speculating. Why do cats like to push objects off shelves? Because they are bored is the answer. It’s a way of entertaining themselves and animating an inanimate object. There can’t be any other reasonable reason. Sometimes they jump after the object as it bounces on the ground which indicates to me that it becomes a prey item to be chased. The solution? Do your best to entertain your cat as much as you can with play.

The video is embedded into this website from TikTok and it may disappear over time but this is beyond my control and it has happened I apologise.


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