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Cat Tries To Climb Outside Of 10 Story Block Of Flats — 4 Comments

  1. I have seen cats be hit by vehicles hard, then immediately run away, seemingly uninjured. I have known that two of them were very seriously injured, one did not make it.

    Adrenalin is an extraordinarily strong hormone it can immediately mask severe pain and injury, to enable the injured being to escape further danger or injury. The flight response is the most powerful survival mechanism

    I couldn’t watch the clip. I can rarely watch such events anymore. I hope the cat was not injured.

  2. A crowd did gather, one person catching the fall on their phone apparently. It fell 7 & 1/2 stories (75 feet) ending with a belly flop onto the sand, luckily. The cat immediately got up and ran off.
    Yeah, how freaking unusual for the cat to climb the wall like that. He wanted to do it for SOME reason, either out of fear or because he was drawn to something. There was no dog or kids at street level who might have chased him. No birds’ nests on the building. That was really, really weird, but glad the cat wasn’t hurt but who knows.

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