F1 Savannah cat jumps to top bunk to wake sleeping boy

This is a very successful video of F1 Savannah cat Magic waking up Andreas who is the son of Martin and Kathrin Stucki. The video was made about 13 years ago! At that time Martin and Kathrin were the owners and managers of the well-known Savannah cat breeder A1 Savannahs. The breeders are still there but they sold their business some time ago now. It is based near Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA.

Magic wakes up Andreas
Savannah cat Magic jumping onto Andreas Stucki’s bed – still from the video
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F1 Savannah Magic at the time was the world’s largest domestic cat is measured to the shoulder (as per Guinness World Records). So, the video is very popular partly for that reason and partly because this highly impressive domestic cat has this enormous jump to the top bunk. Of course, the video was set up but who cares? The idea is to show the world how wonderfully athletic this fabulous cat was at that time.

I do not know the current status of Magic. Like I said the video was made about 13 years ago. At that time Magic must have been about two or three years of age. So, my guess is that Magic is presently nearing the end of our life.

Magic and Leone, Martin and Kathrin's daughter
Magic and Leone, Martin and Kathrin’s daughter. Photo: Kathrin.

Of course, I was very grateful to Martin and Kathrin for providing me with the raw material to make this video. I made quite a few videos of F1 Savannah cats thanks to this couple. They are a great couple. They currently run a hotel in Montana, USA as I recall. Martin is a very intelligent and energetic guy. And Kathrin is also a very intelligent person and she is very attractive as well. The cats were incredibly attractive too ?.

They ran this enormous creeding establishment which was also a farm. It covered many acres. They had a guest house built on the estate. I stayed there for 10 days. They also bred servals. They had breeding servals in large enclosures. It was and no doubt still is a very impressive establishment. I’m sure that it is very different to your typical hobby breeder. This was a very large operation.

Magic and Leone. Magic was the tallest domestic cat at the time
Magic and Leone. Magic was the tallest domestic cat at the time. Photo: Katherine Stucki

Martin used to drive into Ponca City in one of his cars and buy several boxes of frozen chicken legs, he came back to the facility and chucked them well over the place for the cats to eat. The hot temperatures defrosted the chicken very quickly. I remember beautiful Savannah kittens chomping down on raw chicken leg!

The relationship between Andreas and Magic was a special one. Her full name is ‘Scarlett’s Magic’. She was and perhaps still is with the Bella Gattini Cattery who opened a shop. See Savannah Cat Shoppe.

You can see all the Magic videos and lots more on my YouTube home page (called a “channel” by YouTube). The page is here: Broadsurf (new window).

This page was first published in around 2009. It has been refreshed, updated and republished as at Jan 6th 2022.

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5 thoughts on “F1 Savannah cat jumps to top bunk to wake sleeping boy”

  1. It sure was a magical leap to the bed! It looked effortless and I had to watch it twice. And “Magic” sure loves that kid. Nice video.

    1. Yes, it is amazing, Albert. I think Magic is still alive. I visited A1 Savannahs twice. I stayed on one occasion for 10 days in their guest house. It is a farm environment. There were F2 Savannahs running around all over the place and an F1 too. All were very worth thousands of bucks. The Stuckis sold the business (highly profitable) to a friend who is a sport hunter. I never went back.

      1. You were in Oklahoma, eh? Interesting that you visited them. How did you like the cats? That you didn’t go back especially after they sold it to hunters is understandable. Why they did that has to be hard to believe.

        1. It is a great place. A genuine farm-like atmosphere. The F2 Savannah kittens were all over the house being socialised. Beautiful kittens. Customers would come and go. Probably flying in to pick up a 10,000 dollar cat. Free cat carrier comes with cat! Martin Stucki liked cars. They had several muscle cars. Very hot. Flat landscape. Cheap house prices. The Stuckis wanted me to move out there and buy a place.

          1. I lived in Edmond (approx 100 miles south of that farm) for 3 years (’77 – ’80). I moved there to be with my girlfriend (dance partner) and became a dance teacher. Also rode and cared for some thoroughbreds. Yes, very flat there, but my gf wasn’t so it balanced out. Someday like the original Macintosh computer, that $10,000 should come down with any luck, but I’d hope no Savannah ever goes to riff raff. The name “Stucki” sounds very, very familiar to me…

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