Cat with world’s longest neck!

This is an Oriental Shorthair. What will they do next!?

Cat with world's longest neck

Cat with world’s longest neck. Copyright Helmi Flick.

There is a lot of extreme breeding but this is not an example. This is the result of simple photoshopping. I wanted to see if it was as easy as I thought it would be and it was.

I chose a photo by Helmi of a cat that already had a very long neck. The longest I had seen as it happens. I created three portions and spliced them together then concealed the joins by cloning (copying an unblemished part and placing that across the defective part) and publishing at a lowish resolution. Here are the parts:




Here is the original:


This handsome cat illustrates a page on the different head shapes of cats. The peculiar part of this exercise is that I think this cat has the world’s longest neck without photoshopping 😉

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Cat with world’s longest neck! — 17 Comments

  1. Sorry, but I spotted the digital manipulation right away. Look at the blocks of pixels on the background either side of the neck – dead giveaway. One way to make it more believable is to set your selection tool to a circle and randomly disrupt the repeating patterns.

    • Thanks Sarah. Thankfully I am not that good at it. I’d rather not be too good because I prefer the old fashioned way 😉 Straight photography.

      What about this? I smoothed out the blocks with the impressionist tool.

  2. I just hope no one ever does try to create a giraffe cat, I wouldn’t put it past some crazy money hungry breeder to try 🙁

    • Yes – fingers crossed nobody takes this idea literally. Money would be the only motivation I’m sure. And maybe prestige in the cat fancy.

  3. Michael you have proved that “PHOTOGRAPHS” do lie ! A fantastic photo that could have created a debate if you didn’t have to confess about the authenticity. Now we realize that there are a lot of “FAKES” on the Internet and hence authentication is very important.Any person can post a article, photo, etc on the internet anonymously or under a fictitious name.Hence knowing the “SOURCE” of the article or news is very important .

    • Absolutely Rudolph, it is quite easy to fake photos even in small ways like changing eye color or making eyes a deeper color or changing the coat color etc. There are a lot of small, less obvious things, one can do that deceive the viewer. It can hard to tell because we are getting used to more extreme images.

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