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Infographic on domestic cat blood

Infographic on domestic cat blood

I believe that for a cat caregiver it is good to know a little bit about domestic cat blood as it is central to the function of our beloved companion animals. The beauty of...

Domestic cat circulatory system

How much blood is in a cat’s body?

The body of a 5 kg (12 lbs) domestic cat contains about 12 fluid ounces of blood, which is 330 mL. A soft drink can contains about the same amount (half a pint) ....

Domestic cat has 12 ounces of blood

How much blood do cats have?

How much blood do cats have? I am referring to the domestic cat as this must be how the question should be interpreted. The body of a typical cat of around 12 pounds or...

Cat blood donor

What blood type are cats?

Domestic cats have blood types: A, B and AB. Most cats have blood type A. Blood type is is genetically inherited and depends on the geographic location of the cat. Type A is dominant...

Cats: Blood Type Frequencies

Cats: Blood Type Frequencies

“It is important that breeders and cat owners know the blood type of their cat” – Gloria Stephens in Legacy of the Cat. I have no idea what blood type my cat has but...

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