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  1. Hi there. I am a very worried cat mom…..
    I have a 6 year old male cat who has had some strange things going on the last couple of months. First, a couple of months ago, he had a really runny eye, that mostly cleared up in a few days….it still may have slight discharge. Then he got sunken in white sores all over his black nose that also healed within a few days, but the white colour stayed. Now, a few weeks later, the sores on his nose are back. He is also shaking his head quite a bit, but other than that, eating, drinking, and acting normally. He is mainly an indoor cat unless he is camping with us on a harness. We have a dog too. Any thoughts on what the most likely cause may be?

    • Hi Jacqui, it’s hard to tell what the problem is from your brief comment. It may be something like ringworm but you can either (a) upload a picture or (b) see a vet, and the very best of luck.

  2. My cat was at my grandma’s yesterday, she’s been there before but not with the pollen so high. She was loving the screen room my grandma has and stayed there all day. Early in the morning back at home she had a sneezing fit. Her nose is warmer than uaual and dry. I spent time with her in the screen room making sure she stayed out of trouble and she was fine all day. . I woke up with a sore, dry throat that’s a bit stuffed so I’m thinking my cat’s problem is allergy related. I just want to be sure she didn’t pick something up while there from the outside world.

    • Hi Raven, thanks for commenting. I’d watch her. If there are no more sneezing fits and she looks well then I’d say it was a temporary problem. It may be a feline hay fever as you suggest. But if not see a vet to be safe.

  3. Both my cats were put on Amoxicillan due to URI’s, Dizzy , my male cat just wants to sleep all day & when he does get up to move its only because he has ALOT of drool coming out of his mouth & sneezing fits. He will eat (or I should say he will lick the liquid part of a can of their wet food) but he really wont drink anything. Is the wet food enough??… Kitty, my female cat is constantly sneezing & at some times she has clear fluid coming out her nose & other times her nose sounds so dry & Im worried she is having hard time breathing.. My question is, how long does it take for the Antibiotics to work & is that alone usually enough?? What can I do to help her with her nose?? I am so worried about them!! I love my cats dearly.. I dont have the money to make many more trips to vet. I am getting worried, please any suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anette, please give me a little while to respond to your comment fully. There are articles on this website which may assist but I have got to remind myself where they are and also do a bit more research. I’m very sorry to hear of your predicament and I fully understand how you feel about your cats being ill. It is one of the most worrying things one can go through.

    • Hi Annette. This is a follow up comment. Firstly, wet food should be enough for liquid intake but they may benefit from a water intake bearing in mind their health. I used to give my cat boiled or microwaved frozen fish with a small amount of added water which always worked to get more fluid down her. Of course she liked fish but you get the idea.

      As for antibiotics, these do work within a few days and thereafter but your cats’ URIs are caused by a virus with a possible secondary bacterial infection. As you know antibiotics don’t work on viruses. It is up to the cats to cure themselves of the virus with their antibodies over time. The vet has decided to prescribe antibiotics as a precaution against a bacterial infection which may not exist. You vet knows best. I hope he/she is good.

      I also hope that they have straightforward URIs. Sometime a URI can be a symptom of an underlying illness. I expect the vet would have discussed that. Have blood tests been taken?

      If you click on this link you’ll see a list of articles which refer to “URI”. One may assist you.

      I feel for you and your worry. I have been through it myself. I wish you all the best. If you want to discuss the matter more please leave further comments.

      • HELP!! All three of my cats noses are so dry and bloody/crusty…one is worse than the rest….vet isnt open till monday! Omg what is this?!!!! should i clean It with anything? I dont want to hurt them…it looks painful. The only thing i have done is dabb vaseline on it to try and keep it from drying out and getting worse….but its not really helping…:(

        • Hi Katelyn, I think what you are doing is okay and then see the vet asap. Something very strange appears to have happened. How sudden was this development? If it was sudden it must an injury rather than a diseases of some sort. Check their behavior. Is there something in or around the home (if they are outside cats) which could have caused this? Have they pushed their noses into something? If the noses are bloody and this is sudden it must be an injury. If the development was slow it indicates a condition or disease but as all 3 have the same problem this tells me it is not a disease unless it is being transmitted between them. Sorry I can’t be of any more help and the best of luck.

  4. I have a 10 year old siamese female cat. She is healthy but a week ago I noticed here black nose has a white crusty dry skin on it. Do you have any ideal what this could be? She is strickly an indoor cat.

  5. My 10 month old kittens nose is peeling and seems red and irritated, is this something that should go to the vet asap?

    • Hi Fernanda. I don’t know what kind of cat you have but this reminds me of Bengal Nose, a condition caused by an immune response, as far as we know. Yes, I would go to the vet. I’d also watch what he/she does. This may be a one-off incident caused by your cat pushing his/her nose against something. If that is, it’s good news because it should heal and the problem is fixed provided he/she doesn’t injure himself the same way again. But if the nose is irritated, to me, it indicates an allergy perhaps. These are harder to fix. Good luck.

  6. My 11 year old cat is getting over a cold and is eating/drinking. My concern is that her nose is very rough and dry. It looks like a dry patch has formed where her fur was very soft before. Is this a part of her bad cold that will heal in time?

    • It seems you are referring to the top of her nose (dry patch where fur was) and the tip (what breeders call the nose leather). I am surprised there is a dry patch were the fur was. The only time I have seen this is with ringworm but don’t assume that your cat has ringworm. I am just thinking out aloud.

      The nose leather may be rough and dry.

      I’d watch and wait to see how things develop. It should clear up. If your cat is a Bengal cat purebred cat you might want to read this page:


  7. as you may know my kitten max has been suffering fo months eith this condition well vet gave shot pills both antibiotic 1mo. then 1mo. prednisone yet nothing biopsy they dont know blood work healthy. anyway good news vet sent max to dermatoligist hes one of the best he said i dont know but lets try famciclovir for herpes i said again another thing. dr said ive only seen eyes affected not nose but worth a shot well day 4 his nose is no longer black hard flaky peeling crusty it is 90% BETTER NOSE IS PINK A LITTLE DRY EVERYTHING ELSE GONE SO please tell dr try famciclovir EVEN IF HE SAYS HERPES DOES NOT EFFECT THE NOSE WELL MY VET TRIED IT AND THANK GOD WHO OWE ALL TO THAT THE DR TRIED SOMETHING AS A SHOT IN THE DARK he even thought it would not work but it is. thank you all for listoning to me and my bad spelling please for kittys sake try it

  8. My ten year old male cat has been having major sinus problems. Eye discharge, nose, wheezy breathing. I have taken him to 4 different vets now with all such varying opinions. He’s been on a massive amount of steroids, lypotene, & now trying round 3 of antibiotics. Unless I am willing to pay $1200 to scope up his nose I have been given no hope. I love him more than anything, is there something else I can do as he has several symptoms listed above? Any info would be appreciated

    • Hi Crystal. Sorry to hear of your cat’s sinusitis. It is uncomfortable. You may know what I am about to state. Sinusitis is usually caused by secondary bacterial infections on the back of a viral respiratory infection.

      Note: an abscessed tooth (top premolar) can lead to an abscessed frontal sinus.

      Another cause is fungal infections. Another cause is exposure to pigeons or the dust of pigeon excreta.

      What about food? Do you give him cows milk? I very much doubt that you do but if so please stop.

      You might try a change in diet. Best quality wet and some raw perhaps.

      If the cause is secondary infections from viral infections, why is he getting constant viral infections? I don’t think he is so the cause is possibly not a viral infection.

      Antibiotics don’t always work because the sinuses are hard to get at.

      I would focus on a fungal infection as the cause. Try and track it down – research these: cryptococcosis and aspergillosis. to see what comes up. Often the cause of an illness is the same for people and cats so don’t be put off by research about human sinusitis. Try and eliminate the cause of the fungus.

      The best of luck to you both.

  9. i don’t know what happened she was sneezing and all of a sudden her nose starts bleeding it bled for ten min then stopped but her nose looks very irretated

    • Silvia, this is a viral infection and possibly a secondary bacterial infection (upper respiratory infection – URI) that has damaged the lining of the nose. This has to be a vet visit asap. Please.

  10. My cat does not have a runny nose but is plugged up and breathes out of her mouth! the vet said it was sinusitis. Do you use a suction device and suck out whatever is in her nose? I am even giving her an IV everyday because she will not eat/drink. Pray for Lyla please whoever reads this. We love her….

    • If your vet is correct and it is sinusitis, that is a bacterial infection. You need antibiotics to cure that. What is the vet doing about it? Why isn’t she eating?

  11. My daughter has been very worried because her cats nose is dry all the time. The vet she called said they would have to run many tests to find out why and as a young woman on her own she doesn’t have the money. She loves her cat and is worried. This article has helped some but does not talk about a cat whose nose is dry all the time. Any help out there? Thanks!!!!!!

    • I would be carefully about this one because we have to ask “what is a dry nose?” firstly and then secondly, “how moist should a cat’s nose be?” My cat is healthy and I have just checked his nose. It is dry. Sometimes there might be a bit of moisture on it.

      If you daughter’s cat is healthy don’t have preconceptions about a cat’s nose being moist or dry as it might mislead you. If you think your cat is ill then, by all means, take him to the vet for a consultation but ask questions. A vet should charge very little on an initial consultant so don’t get fobbed of with the idea of doing lots of tests that may well not be necessary. Good luck.

    • Your daughter shouldn’t worry if her cat is otherwise healthy, if the cat is eating and acting normally and her nose isn’t cracked or sore it is most likely that her dry nose is just the way her skin is.
      It just the same with people really, some of us have dry skin, some greasy, both are normal.
      You can safely put a little bit of Vaseline on a cat’s nose to moisten it if she has very dry skin, she will lick it off but some may have soak in before she does.

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