A water fountain that monitors you cat’s water intake (useful for health management)

Cat water fountain recommended by Ben the Vet on TikTok

In the video we see Ben the Vet on TikTok recommending a water fountain for cats which is very sophisticated. It’s worth a look at even if he is promoting it for a commission. Ben is now a social media influencer and he’s decided to make a bit of extra money probably because he …

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7 common sense ways to get your cat to drink more water

7 tips on getting cats to drink more water

Because of their North African wildcat inheritance, domestic cats tend not to drink enough water. The problem is exacerbated by the prevalence of dry cat food nowadays which contains about 10% water compared to about 80% in wet cat food. They don’t compensate enough for the lack of water in dry cat food. This …

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Can cats drink Pedialyte? Yes.

It is safe for domestic cats to drink Pedialyte in limited quantities.

Pedialyte is a rehydrating drink with electrolyte content designed for humans including babies. It is described as an effective rehydration drink. The contains essential electrolytes which are body salts including sodium and potassium citrate, sodium chloride and also glucose. There are other brands of electrolyte replacement products: Hydralyte, Gastrolyte, Dioralyte. I have never used …

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Jackson Galaxy denounces dry cat food in Singapore

Jackson in Singapore

Good for Jackson Galaxy. I wonder how the manufacturers react when the world’s best know cat behaviorist and expert denounces dry cat food in public in Singapore. Jackson was in Singapore promoting the sixth series of his television show, My Cat From Hell, on Animal Planet. Of course, he’s right about dry cat food but …

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Feline Constipation: A Potentially Serious Medical Condition

Feline constipation is a fairly common condition that many cat owners may encounter over the course of their kitty’s lifetime. Since healthy cats normally will pass one healthy bowel movement a day; if your cat is only defecating every few days, is consistently passing hard, dry stool, straining while trying to defecate, has a …

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Tackling cat constipation by focusing on thinning and trimming the coat

By Sandra Murphey with intro by Michael. There is a page on PoC written years ago about home treatments for cat constipation. Sandra has added to the page in a useful comment, which I believe should seen by more visitors than are likely to read her comment. Hence this article. Sandra tackled her cat’s …

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