Catster asks: “Can Cats Eat Blueberry Muffins? Vet approved Facts & FAQ”. WTH!

Vet approved! Who is going to feed their cat blueberry muffins for dinner?! You don’t need a vet to approve the answer to the question because no cat caregiver in their right mind is going to feed their cat blueberry muffins (note: plural). And I don’t expect a domestic cat to be interested in a blueberry muffin. Remember? They are carnivores. I can’t see the point of the question. It is a bit sinister actually as it implies that it might be okay to feed your cat blueberry muffins.

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Catster have merged with Excited Cats because both websites were in trouble. A merger is a sure sign. Excited Cats is the junior partner. I suspect that Excited Cats was bust and they approached Catster to buy them and they sold cheaply.

The Catster hardcopy magazine has closed. The point is that if Catster is going to publish articles on whether it is safe for domestic cats to eat blueberry muffins and they need vets to tell them the answer, they are still in trouble.

The trouble I mean is that they have run out of content. They have nothing more to say. It has all been said and now they are down to discussing a diet of blueberry muffins for a pet cat. It is called low hanging fruit – excuse the pun.

Catster went through the low hanging fruit years ago. They are now at the top of the tree where there are blueberry muffins. I know what the problem is with both Excited Cats and Catster but I am not going to disclose it here! I don’t want to help them.

But clearly their formula for running a cat website has failed in the long term although Excited Cats was much younger than Catster before it folded. Excited Cats relied on making a lot of money because they spent a lot of money in running their now defunct website. Catster are similar. When the overheads are high there is a lot of pressure on making money.

Any small drop off and you are in trouble. The heyday of cat websites has passed. It was much easier ten 15 and 10 years ago to have a successful cat website. There’s much more competition now and the general public have been well and truly educated about domestic cat behaviour and health. That’s good as it shows that the internet has had a hugely beneficial impact on cat caregiver knowledge which must mean that cat caregiving in 2023 is better than it was in 2008.

Well, let’s see how long Catster lasts now. Another article on their home page at the moment is “Can Cats Eat Carrot Cake? Vet-Approved Facts & FAQ“. Once again who in their right mind is going to feed their cat carrot cake? And don’t expect a cat to be interested in eating carrot cake. It won’t happen except in the rarest of instances. The question is stupid and pointless and you don’t need a veterinarian to tell you that simple fact.

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