Constipated Cat or Cat in Heat?

by Jacqui

My cat has suddenly started to wince, cry, meow quite a lot over the last 24hrs, she crouching close to the floor, keeps rolling over, rubbing her face against things, crying a little more and keeps licking her back end, i cant see any blood, nor does her bottom appear swollen, but when i touch her back end she cries out and wants to get away,she has not has a poo today, nor has she eaten very well, she has never been out side as ive had her since before xmas, i wanted to get her spayed before she goes out, she is booked in tomorrow for that, my friend reckons the cat is constipated, she about 7mnts old, to young for a season? can any one give me advice please.


Hi Jacqui… thanks for visiting and asking. I think the last line of your post gives the clue. She might be in heat (estrus).

7 months of age is not too young as some breeds (your cat is probably not a breed) have their first heat at 5 months of age. Other have their first at 10 months. So 7 is on the borderline.

The mating season in the northern hemisphere is March – Sept, and in the southern hemisphere it is Oct – March. I don’t know where you are.

Signs: Proestrus: short low calls, affection for owners. Estrus (heat): last 6 days, meows loudly and more frequently. Affectionate, rolls on floor. If you pick her up she may “grab your arm or even bite”. The characteristic stance of a female cat in estrus is crouching low to the floor and rear held up a bit and tail to one side.

The rubbing her face against things is probably signs of affection (scent exchange).

This page may help: Cat heat behavior

Test: this checks if your cat is receptive to mating. Hold cat by scruff of neck, stroke her down her back towards the base of her tail. Does she raise her hindquarters and move tail to one side as described above?

These are my thoughts quickly brought together late at night!

I could be incorrect. I don’t think she is constipated to the point where it is serious as you say she has not been to the toilet today. If she had not been for a while you would have noticed wouldn’t you as the litter would not need cleaning.


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Constipated cat or cat in heat?

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Apr 23, 2012 Cat in heats, obvious signs !! NEW
by: Anonymous

You’ve just described a female cat in heat. You said that appt is tomorrow, please make sure she stays in house, she’ll get mated/pregnant so qick you will spin. Scarlett O’Hair (7 months old) had an appointment (spaying)on monday 18, went into heat saturday, her meowing was horrific having experienced this with several lady cats we knew what she was going thru. Husband says late saturday “I know what to do” gets her wet, by working on drying up @ least she was quiet for a few hrs. Early monday she was spayed, no production line.
She still with us,she’s now 8yrs old, a gorgeous large Tortie, loves family but cautious of strangers.
A cat lover/rescuer/helper
Southeast Arizona (USA)


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