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Poster by Ruth

Claws are a wonderful and essential part of each and every cat.

When a cat is relaxed, walking, or playing gently, each claw is retracted into a sheath. He unsheaths his claws when he needs them by extending them forward and down.

Claws just like human fingernails, are constantly growing. They have a protective outer husk that the cat removes on his scratching post.

Claws have many uses. Not only are they for self defence, they are also for when the cat needs to jump or climb, they mark his territory and they act as his comb when he grooms himself.
He digs them in to exercise his muscles and that is very important to his health.

Claws are so closely adhered to the bone that declawing means the last bone of each of the cat’s toes has to be removed.

Declawing is actually amputation ten times over.

Look at the perfectly shaped paw of the clawed cat in the poster and compare it with the deformed shape of the paw of the declawed cat.

Look at the perfectly fingered hand of the human and compare it with the deformed hand of the defingered human

No human doctor would unnecessarily amputate a person’s finger ends so why do veterinary doctors routinely amputate cat’s finger ends ?

Why would any true lover of cats want to pay a vet to perform this painful major surgery which disables their pet for life and often has physical or mental complications for the cat ?

Cats are very intelligent and with a little bit of time and patience it is very easy to teach each and every one to use a scratching post.

The result is a happy healthy cat using and enjoying the claws he was born with because he needs and which no one has the right to take from him unless they are prepared to undergo the same surgery themselves.

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Sep 25, 2011A Declaw…is a declaw…is a declaw.
by: Kelly

Not sure why you would post as “anonymous” if you intend to have a debate..but anyway.

Laser declawing , in some respects, is actually more dangerous than other methods. First of all, very few vets are adept at the procedure. It is not covered in vet school, and the training they receive from the company that makes the laser is minimal at best. The use of this tool must be accurate…or there can be serious injury involved.

I dont know if you have ever seen the 4th degree burns that a laser can cause, but I have, and it is horribly painful for the cat. It increases the risk of post-operative infection, and causes permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Laser, guiolltine, or scalpel….you CANNOT declaw with love or kindness.

Sep 23, 2011Great comment !
by: Ruth

Good one Steve R ! I love your comment.
Anonymous is one of those people who thinks it’s acceptable and not as barbaric for cats finger ends to be burnt off but when it comes to themselves it’s a different story.

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Sep 23, 2011Link to follow on article
by: Ruth

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Sep 22, 2011Laser claw removal
by: Steve R

Ok, Anonymous – I can get a 1 Kw CO2 laser from the lab. Why don’t you stop by and we can remove the last joint of each of your fingers? Since it’s so humane, you won’t need anesthesia and we can do the whole operation from the back of my car (we may need some volunteers to hold you down, though). I have some gauze, and you should be back typing, driving, eating, using the TV remote by tomorrow with no pain whatsoever.

Sep 19, 2011The point is……
by: Leah England

Whichever method it doesn’t matter to the vets they still get their blood money!

Anonymous you totally miss the point!! Even if there was a pain free method its still the most obscene disgusting practice. What right thinking person would happily remove a cats claws? Thank God I don’t know anyone personally who would do this because if I did I know I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions!

First and foremost a cat needs claws for defence! I don’t care if the cat is a house cat he can still get out & you can still have intruders!

What about grooming? A cat needs to groom! The fur lies flat to keep him cool in the summer and flat to keep warm in the winter.

Said already; cats need claws for resistance, to exercise their muscles.

So anonymous, you don’t care one bit about how the cat feels do you? You don’t care that you’ve taken so much out of his life so much that’s essential for a happy healthy existence, all you care about is that you don’t have to worry about those pesky claws getting into your furniture!!!

You and all others that think this is acceptable are just selfish to the core. Think about it…..

Sep 19, 2011A very good point from Clare
by: Ruth

A very good point from Clare on facebook who writes:

There IS one difference, I think. A declawed cat’s entire body is affected, not just its fingertips.

She’s RIGHT….another article to follow when I’ve done some research on human digit amputees.

Declawing, defingering, one BIG difference

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 19, 2011Ex from Pawsneedclaws
by: Anonymous

Declawing, when performed by laser, is still the amputation of the last toe bone of the cat and carries with it the same long-term risks of lameness and behavioral problems as does declawing with scalpels or clippers. Studies have failed to show that laser declawing is less painful for the cat in the post-operative period.

Sep 19, 2011Rubbish anonymous
by: Vet tech

You state declawing is wrong but then go on to spread a load of b*** s*** about laser declawing not being as barbaric because it doesn’t remove the first knuckle.
You say ‘they’ use lasers.
Well no ‘they’ don’t, not all of them.
A laser is a very intricate tool which is costly and which vets are supposed to learn how to use properly.
Money hungry vets lop off the cats finger ends any was they choose and as someone already commented the ones who do use your ‘wonderful’ laser not only cripple the cat but often leave it with burns too.

Get your facts right please!

Sep 19, 2011To Ruth and Anonymous
by: Maggie

Wonderful article, Ruth! As always, I love your poster. Posters like that need to be printed off and stuck up in vet clinics!

Anyone who spends time with their cat will realise how important claws are to cats. Claws are used in everything a cat does. Just as fingers are used in everything a person does.

Anonymous, tell me, how does using a laser mean that the finger is not removed? You are ignorant beyond belief. The difference is that the finger is being burnt off, rather than sliced off. Burning versus slicing? Forgive me, I need you to elaborate on how burning a cat’s finger off, instead of slicing it off, justifies declawing.

Sep 19, 2011There is always one
by: Mrs M

And today’s is anonymous who although against declawing believes that lasering isn’t as barbaric.
Another who has swallowed the lie and is now trying to pass it on.
Lasering causes less bleeding and quicker healing of the wounds but the cat is still as crippled for life!
Oh and BTW sometimes suffers from scorched flesh and bone of the paws too.

Well now anonymous you have the chance to spread the truth,so come on ……………..

Sep 19, 2011To Anonymous
by: Ruth

There is only one way to declaw a cat and that is by amputating the last finger joint whether by scalpel, guillotine or laser.
It’s a myth that laser declawing ‘just’ removes the claw. I have that on good authority from Dr Jean Hofve DVM who is an expert on the subject. It’s written somewhere here on PoC exactly what she said. I can’t think right now which page it’s on but I will find it !
Each claw is firmly embedded into bone and if the whole joint is not removed, claw cells remain and claws regrow crookedly. Cats then suffer pain and have to go through surgery again.
Please go to Jean’s ‘Little Big Cat’ web site and look up declawing on there because it’s false information like you have given which makes this cruel surgery sound acceptable (although for the life of me I can’t think how anyone can find even ‘just’ removing the claw acceptable) to people who are too ignorant or lazy to research declawing properly for themselves.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 18, 2011Laser Schmazer Declawing is Declawing
by: Jo Singer

Ruth, as always you have presented an excellent piece. Thank you for all you do for cats!

The collage is excellent and very informative.

But… I am sitting here, still scratching my head.. wondering why anonymous thinks that laser declaw is not removing the joint? This is just not true. Both the “wire cutter” method and laser removes the first joint because the claw is part of the bone. And BOTH are one of the most painful surgeries that anyone can impose upon an animal they profess to love!! SIGH..

Sep 18, 2011declawing is wrong
by: Anonymous

but that poster does show an outdated practice. now they use lasers and do not remove any of the “finger”

this doesnt make it a better practice but it isnt as barbaric as removing the first knuckle.

Sep 18, 2011Doesn’t need words
by: Rose

Another fantastic poster that doesn’t really need the words underneath.
Great job Ruth.

Sep 18, 2011It is de-fingering
by: Anonymous

I agree with Barbara and Lene that people who de-claw cats are evil and that it is animal abuse.

Anyone looking at the pictures in the poster can see that de-clawing IS de-fingering.

This poster should be hung in every animal doctors surgery in every country where de-clawing is legal.

Sep 18, 2011DECLAWING
by: Lene Hansen

Declawing is animalabuse, i really feel sorry for the cats who has so awefull owners who will do that to them, i am ashemed of the human kind….

Sep 18, 2011Spot on
by: Barbara

Right on the nail again Ruth,tiny feline toes have a lot to do and they need the claws they were born with to so it – if they didn’t they wouldn’t be born with them. I’ve tried and tried to understand the minds of people who think it’s acceptable to take in a perfectly healthy cat and reduce her to a cripple by hewing her toes off just to make her fit into their home but there is no way I will ever understand it. Those who want it done and those who do it, for money, are evil.

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