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Discussion: Do old automobile tires make a safe cat bed for feral cats? — 5 Comments

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  2. Awesome. I do tnr and I have no achieved half if what you have. But have also homed many kittens. I still have a colony of 5 here. Used to be 12 plus 15 kittens..feels good helping them. People always say oh God is gonna bless you for helping the cats..I always reply..he already did.. Precious animals that need us to have the best possible life we can offer. It so take a lot..just gotta love them. Thank you for all u have done for them♥️

  3. Why is it that when a good idea comes up for re-purposing old tires, everyone immediately JUMPS on the negative effects? If these are made to be properly ventilated, they’d be perfectly safe. It’s not like the animal would be “trapped” inside for long lengths of time. I’d even go as far as to make sure there is a 2nd entry, so the user couldn’t be “cornered”, which I would think would be of greater concern.

  4. As a cat lover, cat rescuer, former small ethical breeder, cat specialist and professional artist, I have also been concerned about the safety of tires being offered as beds for homeless cats. Definitely, the fumes from the rubber toxins could cause health problems. I have used trash cans turned on their sides and customized… as well as dog houses with altered smaller door openings. In 1988, my late husband used a crate he had for previously transporting a hunting dog to create an insulated duplex for feral cats in our village of Grand Rapids, Ohio. I rescued many kittens from this duplex before completing my TNR work. All kittens and some adults were adopted into indoor-only homes. Today, the quaint village has no feral cats.

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