A winter warming shelter/den for feral and community cats

It’s that time of year when big-hearted volunteers like to make little dens for feral cats to keep warm. Some parts of America are incredibly cold in the winter. The organisation Watching over Whiskers (WOW) has an ongoing programme of making cat shelters for their community cats. It seems that a lot of charities …

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‘Cat ladies’ arrested, charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct

Two Wetumpka, Alabama ‘cat ladies’ were arrested over the summer and charged with criminal trespassing on public land, disorderly conduct, and interfering with government operations. Mary Alston, 60, and Beverly Roberts, 84 thought they were doing a good deed for their community by practicing TNR (trap, neuter, return). They would set traps for the …

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Cost-effective vet appointments restrict TNR programs

Oneida city council members at the meeting to discuss feral cats and other issues

This is a feral cat story from Oneida, New York. Oneida is a city in Madison County, New York State. As is the case in many other American cities they have a group of volunteers who carry out TNR programs to try and stabilise the feral cat population. They are called the Cat Committee. …

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Persistent and brave volunteer traps a true feral cat with mouth and upper respiratory disease

True feral cat is finally trapped, treated and is being rehabilitated. Great to see.

I think that it is worth reminding ourselves how wild feral cats can be. This video does that. It also tells us how their health can be so terribly affected when they have to survive on their own without any medical treatment whatsoever throughout their lives. Invariably many end up with upper respiratory infections. …

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Veterinarian wants to cut off way too much of the ear when ear-tipping

Veterinarian seems to deliberately ear tip badly to annoy the TNR volunteer who brings the cat to him/her. This seems to be a case where they were stopped mid-stream.

This is a comment on PoC by a visitor who is, as you can see, a coordinator and trapper for her local TNR organisation. The person should be praised for her work. She has criticised the veterinarian who ‘ear tips’ the cats in her care. You have probably heard of the process – a …

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Kindle of stray kittens starting their life in the most vulnerable way

Kittens starting their lives in the most vulnerable way

This is a difficult photograph to look at for animal advocates because what we see is a large group of cute, stray kittens huddled together. They are all very young and innocent. They are outside and their futures are uncertain. Their existence is the product of human carelessness in some shape or form. We …

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Beverly Hills regulations regarding the feeding and care of feral cats (TNR)

Beverly Hills

This page has been updated at December 26, 2021. It was first written in 2009. The first part of the page deals with the Beverly Hills regulations regarding the feeding and care of feral cats (TNR) as at 2009. The second part deals with the same regulations as at 2021. They may interest people …

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Before and after photos of feral cat winter housing and facilities

Feral cat sleeping in snow under a table which barely protects him

The pictures on this page are before and after photographs. You see a black-and-white feral cat under a table. The snow is falling heavily. The cat is sleeping on an old cushion. The table barely protects the cat. It looks pretty brutal and distressing if you care for animal welfare. In the words of …

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