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‘Disposal’ of community cats reflects a growing problem involving businesses — 4 Comments

  1. Wal Mart stores across the country are examples of this. The list is long of all shopping centers. Again, instead of the government doing their job to lead what they set laws in place for, they just ignore and support the suffering. animals paying the price for human failure is just sickening. The world would be alot better off with less humans. However, it will one day return to the original creation and be nothing again but a home for the animals.

  2. I know of thousands of businesses and individuals that kill any free-roaming cat that they see, collared or not. But we don’t tell online cat-crazies, those who are trying to destroy all other lives on earth human and animal included, just to save their vermin cats. Haven’t you destroyed enough human lives and native wildlife with your vigilante online cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying? Everyone is onto you useless cat-cunts now. And none too soon. LOL 🙂 See cat kill cat. It’s the new way to deal with the problem that YOU CREATED AND PERPETUATE! It’s YOUR FAULT NOW!

    We have a saying, “This dead cat is JUST for Elisa!” just to make up for how many lives you have intentionally destroyed with your misguided stupidity and lack of having any real life or anyone who wants you. LOL

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