Holidaymakers should protest against Cyprus’s animal cruelty by not visiting

Too many feral cats in Cyprus and far too much animal cruelty of various kinds including the poisoning of kittens, cats and dogs

I’ve just visited a holiday forum on the Internet. One resident said that if you are making your first visit to Cyprus “you should be warned that animal cruelty is prevalent here”. They said that it was the “one thing I hate most about living in Cyprus after 10+ years and it doesn’t get …

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Educationally challenged, poorer Chinese residents are in the socio-economic group more likely to have problems with community cats in China

The treatment of community cats in China is dependent on where they are and the educational attainment of the residents. In general community cats are treated better in China than news media sometimes portrays.

In contrast to what Westerners might perceive as a generally difficult relationship between Chinese residents and feral cats, a study published on 5 February 2024 concluded that it is primarily a “vulnerable group” of residents which have difficulty in dealing with community cats in the urban environment both in terms of their relationship with …

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Vet administers a pill to a cat in way which might be instructional to cat caregivers

A Cypriot veterinarian administers a pill to a cat which may be instructional to some caregivers in the UK

There are two things about this picture which are of interest to me and they might be of interest to other people too. Firstly, this is a Cypriot veterinarian administering an antiviral pill to a cat in Cyprus. It was at the time when there was a lot of news media reporting on a …

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Number of free-roaming and feral cats USA (2022)

NYC feral cats are from Dutch stock

Conclusion: There are around 90 million free-roaming and feral cats in the USA as at 2022 broken down to 30 million free-roaming domestic cats and 60 million feral cats. This number can’t be set in concrete as the raw information is not very accurate as it is very hard to count cats both domestic …

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US troops shoot feral cats with air guns on their South Korea base

US military shoot stray cats on South Korea airbase with air guns

NEWS AND COMMENT-OSAN AIR BASE, SOUTH KOREA: The Korea Herald reports that, in December 2021, more than 10 feral cats were shot and killed by US troops with air guns on Osan Air Base. The South Korean broadcaster KBS presented a video which showed a military employee shooting a pellet from a rifle at …

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Are the British to blame for Israel’s stray cat problem?

Feral cats Israel

It’s a well-known fact that there are an inordinate number of feral and stray cats in Israel. They are often semi-domesticated and therefore better described as community cats. Before I answer the question in the title, I have to touch on the question as to whether they are a genuine problem. In my view, …

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85 percent of companion animals in India are homeless

India has a large number of stray cats

It’s interesting to compare the percentage of homeless cats and dogs against the total population of these animals in various countries. It tells us about the quality of pet caretaking in those countries. And on this page, I also present added information as provided by the State of Pet Homelessness Index for which I …

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15 facts about a 23-year TNR program in Florida

TNR of feral cats

These are 15 facts gathered from a review of information from a 23-year TNR program in Key Largo, Florida called the ORCAT Program. It was conducted by scientists from the Pathology and Population Medicine, Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine, Glendale, AZ, United States and Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, …

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