Community rebuffs New Jersey borough’s plan to trap and kill feral cats

Matawan Police Department notice

NEWS AND OPINION: This is another interesting story about how communities deal with feral cats. It is an issue which constantly challenges the administrators of jurisdiction such as counties and cities and indeed states in America. In this instance a plan by Matawan, which on my research, is a borough in Monmouth County, New …

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Trap-Neuter-Return TNR 2022

TNR trapping and ear-tipping

The process of trap-neuter-return (TNR) is well known in the cat world. It is also called: Trap-Test-Vaccinate-Alter-Release (TTVAR) – “alter” means to neuter (male) or spay (female) Trap-Test-Vaccinate-Alter-Return (TTVAR) Trap-Neuter-Release I will adopt the classic trap-neuter-return or TNR in this article. Note: this page has been upgraded and added to and then republished on …

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Skyler & Alli give a lesson in TNR: They’re part of the next generation of feral cat caregiving

young trappers

These two adorable young people are Skyler, age 10 and Alli, age 7. They live in Colorado and their work in trap-neuter-return (TNR) is ushering in the next generation of feral cat caregiving. I ran across their video and just had to share it with all of you. Mainly because the sight of a …

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‘Disposal’ of community cats reflects a growing problem involving businesses

Feral cat

A letter written to the editor of The Maui News concerning the disposal of community cats at a condo reflects a growing problem that involve businesses either taking cats off and dumping them or possibly even killing them. Mary J. Linke of Centennial, Colorado tells the heartwarming story that began twenty years ago when …

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Drop traps are more effective in trapping feral cats. True/False?

Feral cat drop trap

Drop traps catch more cats! That’s the motto. Is it true? I am asking TNR volunteers to tell me which kind of trap they use. I am sure there are many variations of animal trap. In this article I’d like to hear on the success rate of drop traps compared to standard traps. The …

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New data proves that TNR is successful and growing in popularity and professionalism

TNR programs are successful

Alley Cat Rescue in conjunction with ANIMALS 24-7 have provided some interesting data about TNR programs and their success. Some of the information surprises me and a lot of it delights me. It seems that Walt Disney established a large TNR1 feral cat colony at Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1955. Was this the …

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