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  1. Some abusers also try to use pets to abuse the humans in the house by showering the pet(s) with outward tenderness and affection while degrading and refusing to stop degrading and being cruel to the human victim…. Then when the adult human victim is away at work (and if children are involved when the child or children is/are away at school or daycare) pets end up with sudden severe life-ending injuries (like a tame kitten that suddenly became feral and allegedly jumped from his hand and landed on its head and died or another kitten that somehow pulled a hip out of socket inside of the house and you do not have the money for the surgery to rescue the kitten and cannot find a vet or rescue who will donate services to help so the kitten must be put to sleep, etc) . When this happens repeatedly it’s a heads-up — the injuries are not likely all accidents. Not all abusers batter animals in front of the victim(s). Sometimes they shower the pet(s) with amazing affection and loving behaviors but there are unexplained injuries.. This is very shocking and scary when one begins to put the pieces together and wonder — did he do this stuff? Likely he did.

  2. I think I came across an Internet write-up of yours and would like to use it in my book. I believe you are the author of this, but I am not 100% certain:
    The plain and simple truth these days is that a lot of domestic violence victims are arrested. There are two scenarios where this may happen.
    1. The victim fights off the abuser and does a very good job of it. In other words, the abuser has more bruises and cuts than the victim.
    2. The abuser makes the 911 call then self inflicts injuries with the sole purpose of having the victim arrested either instead of or along with the abuser.
    Personally, I fell into reason #2. And I wasn’t even at home when it occurred. The man took a beer bottle and beat himself over the head and on his arms, then called the police stating I had attacked HIM. He came up with a very convincing story and had plenty of cuts and bruises to show when the police arrived. He later called them back and admitted to making up the abuse story.
    I came home from work after an eight hour shift to find a paper stating I would be arrested for criminal domestic violence. This man looked at me and bragged about “straightening things out so I wouldn’t go to jail.” I left him soon after this incident and never looked back.
    I still shake my head in disbelief when I think of how far he went to get me into trouble. If it weren’t true it would almost be funny. I never thought a woman could get in trouble for something she didn’t do when she wasn’t even around to do it.
    Could this happen to you as a victim? It can and often does. Sometimes the man will inflict injury on himself. He may even go so far as to make the call to police saying YOU’RE abusing HIM!
    Many times the decision to arrest is placed upon one officer based on the injuries and who he believes. If the abuser is a good actor and the victim is hysterical and terrified, the wrong person is likely to go to jail.
    The same holds true if you were attacked by this person and did an excellent job of defending yourself. This isn’t fair and it happens quite often these days. Whoever has the most injuries is labeled the “victim.”
    The main thing to remember when the police arrive is to remain as calm as possible. Screaming and attacking the abuser while the police are present will definitely earn you a trip before a judge. Some officers automatically harbor a resentment toward women for one reason or another. Many don’t like going out on domestic calls and want to lock up everyone involved.
    Whether you are locked up or not, make sure someone takes photographs of all of your injuries as bruises and cuts may heal quickly. A bruise is also good to photograph about three days down the road after it turns red and blue and green and black. It doesn’t matter if the police officer took photos, do it yourself. If you’re in jail you need to arrange with your defense attorney to have photos taken.
    Victims of domestic violence being arrested aren’t always women. Sometimes the woman is the instigator and fakes injuries so the man will go to jail.
    Here’s a link to an advocacy for domestic violence victims website. Read it carefully as there’s a lot of good information. I recommend you read it before you need a victims advocate. After all, forewarned is forearmed.”
    From the website: http://www.examiner.com/article/domestic-violence-victims-arrested
    Author: Elisa Black-Taylor

    Is this yours? Please email me and let me know if I may use it in my book, which is about the topic of how how sociopaths, sociopath type abusers and abusers manipulate police and others to do this (as above described) and other similarly terrible things to victims. shatteredfamily@gmail.com

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