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Dwarf cats: 2 health problems — 13 Comments

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  4. There are different causes of small stature in cats, not just the disease genes bread for in “Munchkins”. There is Feline Pituitary Dwarfism (Hyposomatotrophism), amongst other conditions, some probably yet unknown. Not every diminutive cat tests out as having one of these particular disorders.

  5. I adopted a rescue. Noticed the short legs and tail I believe she is a dwarf kitty. Love her and want to know if she will have health problems.

    • In general their health is okay it seems to me. The two health problems I mention are the known inherited ones. You should be okay. Also your cat might not have been bred by a breeder which may mean there is less chance that she has these potential health issues.

  6. Its heartbreaking that breeders insist on continuing a breed regardless of the health issues involved. I feel so sorry for those animals.

    • I agree. If one wants a short legged fun animal, get a ferret. even daschunds, bred with a PURPOSE, to go into burrows or brush have a host of issues. Breeders of tiny ponies strive to avoid dwarfism and its attendant issues.

      But we often see this kind of thing in anything we breed domestically: we exaggerate a characteristic to the point of Stupid and Dysfunctional (commercial turkeys and pigs who grow fast and can’t walk, brainless fast horses, over-hyper herding dogs).

      Keeping the original model (the wild type) in mind when we breed would keep us on track.

  7. We had a dwarf kitten born to one of the old ferals many years ago. I bottle fed this one for quite a while as it didn’t thrive. We called her Astro and it was before I had house cats. I had someone offer quite a lot of money for her to use for breeding. I refused based on her obvious issues.

      • I spent 30 plus years breeding sport horses that were sound of mind and body. Most people who get a pet do not need and are not inclined or capable of caring for a special needs animal.
        Astro was a sweet little cat who often rode around in my coat pocket or inside my coat with the drawstring pulled. She was never really healthy.
        I never bred a mare unless the stallion owner wanted to evaluate my mare or bred a mare that did not meet or exceed my standards. Pet breeders who are looking for the next fashion trend sorta , ok really make me sick.

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