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Dwarf cats and Miniature Cats — 8 Comments

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  4. Hello!
    I can help you get a kitten Dwelf. I am a breeder of Sphynx, but in February of this year, I brought a cat from America. (This is still the only cat in Russia). Now our girl is pregnant and we are expecting kittens born Dwelf.
    email me at Email newsletters gr******@ya****.ru

  5. hello im goin to buy a mini himalayan (hope i spelled that right) I want to know How can I tell she really is a mini the lady told me that the mom is 4 3/4 pounds and that the baby wouldn’t get that big once its fully grown HOw can I be sure? please let me know THANKS

    • Unfortunately you cannot wait to check when your mini Himmie has fully grown before adopting. As I see it that is the only sure way of adopting a miniature cat: Adopt an adult miniature cat. If you see (with your own eyes) that the parents are both small, then it is more likely that the offspring will be small. But, personally, I would not take the word of a breeder. That sounds tough but you are buying a cat for the life of the cat. You have to be sure. Check the parents of the kitten yourself and ask the breeder for two references from former customers. Even then you are taking a risk but less of a risk. Make sure you have a contract that includes a health check and vaccinations etc. If not have your vet check the cat out before buying – or a local independent veterinarian on your instructions.. Sounds very complicated and you may not want to do that but it is sensible. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

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