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Munchkin Cat — 19 Comments

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  2. Sorry in advance….

    PLEASE all humans, stop creating novelty breeds for form, not function. These are real lives, not toys for entertainment.

    For all the healthy happy Munchkins portrayed, there will be deformed, genetically sick Munchkins, living miserable lives.

    Breed for function, for health, the beauty, the aesthetic pleasure humans crave will come naturally from good function.

  3. I have a Munchkin cat, but she has long legs. She’s a dilute calico, and I was given her free from her breeder. She already had enough “tall” Munchies for breeding. The long legged ones are required in a sound Munchkin breeding program. Mine is spayed however. She is a very sweet cat, and is a licker.

  4. I just lost my female today, cream and white. I am in Florida, where are you located? How much do you want for the kittens? Toni Paolello

    • The price will be similar to all purebred cat prices, about $500 – $1000 or £500 – £1000. It depends on the quality of the cat, meaning how close to the breed standard the cat is (“to type”).

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    • Hi, they are a rare breed of cat. I think you will find that they are only available in the United States. Although you may be lucky elsewhere. Some US breeders may ship internationally by the way.

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