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Feline Allogrooming — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t buy any of it, or I do buy all of it with an explanation: it’s just a nice thing to do, and doing nice things it’s own cause and effect, reward and purpose. It can be any combination for any combination of reasons, or just for the hell of it to pass the time. I also personally think that cats may lick the hair on our heads with these things in mind and without the proviso that we’re a mother or father figure, or not or both. Of all the cats that I’ve had, I recall only one or two that ever did that to me and he wasn’t very aggressive or dominant either; also the dominant ones I’ve had never did it to me, so I can’t get behind the idea that cats most often think of us as big cats. But that’s just me and I might change my view on it, but I doubt it. I’m with Michael on so many aspects of cats, I respect him as a fellow expert who just may (just might) know something I don’t. ; )

  2. My cat wakes me up by walking up my chest and licking my face. She does it until I get up and feed her. All I can do is laugh and say Good Morning to you too. This is after I pretend to be asleep while she licks and mouths my hands. She is very clever.

  3. Wanna laugh? My Sphynx grooms the furry girls and vice versa. Until I realized it I thought she was dreadfully sick when she threw up hair balls. Who would have thought???!!!!

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