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  1. There are many solutions to health problems that the FDA has not approved because there is no “scientific evidence”. HOWEVER, HOW MANY THINGS HAS THE FDA APPROVED AND PROVED TO BE UNHEALTHY, DISEASE-CAUSING, OR DEADLY. Personally, I’ll go with the testimonies of people. I had pneumonia and did NOT take the antibiotic my doctor prescribed. I took a supplement and oregano oil and diffused essential oils. My holistic doctor said that he’d had several patients who had been hospitalized for pneumonia and came to him and still had it! There is a time and place for doctors but we have to remember they are NOT gods.
    Also, a plant-based diet was PROVEN more than 35 years ago to REVERSE heart disease. Then WHY do we still need stents, statin drugs, and open heart surgery????? Just SAYING…..

  2. I am a 30 year veteran of silver biotics. I can assure you that it is a viable approach for the treatment of bacteria , virus and fungus . Please do not comment on its efficacy if your knowledge is limited to academics and especially if your consideration is only FDA approved . When SHTF you should have viable solutions .

  3. I know this is a few years, but how did the colloidal silver work on your FIV cat. Mine just recently diagnosed with FIV from a fight over a year ago. No symptoms as of now, but interested to know if worth pursuing.

    • I think you will find that this is not an established treatment. It is somewhat dubious as I recall. Good luck though.

    • Sorry Stella, you’ll have to see a vet about that. In fact I am not sure that all vets would endorse the use of this treatment but if your vet does he may be able to advise on dosage. The best of luck.

      • Hi Michael. Thanks for posting this blog. Our young adult male cat has FIV and recently had a relapse of symptoms that he experienced over a year ago. Last year he was on prednisolone for a few months because his immune system began attacking his platelets. Not sure which came first, but mycoplasma was also present at that time and apparently attacking his red blood cells. So, we followed the vet’s instructions of 3 weeks on doxycycline (after having been given some in the hospital for two weeks). One day recently his guns were bleeding badly for no apparent reason (strictly indoors). He’s been doing well on a raw diet and living in a peaceful home, butad it turns out mycoplasma appeared in his blood again (2 of the lesser nasty ones, not the big bad nasty one like last time). He’s been on 10 mg. daily of prednisolone for over two weeks, bleeding stopped soon after he started the treatment, platelet count is near normal levels, but he is still quite anemic (yet eating with a lot of coaxing and still very social). One vet wants to put him on doxy. We’d rather try something different this time for long term results. We’d rather not begin the round of antibiotics though mainstream vets are advising us that we do it. So we’ve begun giving him 1-1.50 tsp of Sovereign Silver brand colloidal silver 4 times daily for the past day or so in hopes that the mycoplasma will leave his red blood cells alone. I’m wondering if this dose is adequate or too high for a 12-14 pound cat (has lost weight during this illness) and if 4 times daily is too frequent or not enough. Do you know about the success rates in using silver to eliminate mycoplasma? You mentioned in your blog that there have been animal studies supporting the claim of colloidal silver successfully treating certain conditions. Could you please post those citations, so I and other readers could refer to the articles? I’d certainly appreciate it. Thanks again for sharing this information with us all. I have heard anecdotes of its success and hope that there is actual evidence, so more vets will consider it as an option if it is indeed beneficial.

        • Thanks for posting Michelle. What I’ll do it work on this today and see what I can come up with. I wrote this article some time ago so have to refresh my memory. Sorry to hear about your cat. It can be so emotionally tough having to care for an ill cat. It was for me anyway.

        • Michelle, personally I’d have to be brutally honest and say that colloidal silver would be a last resort treatment. This is because although some people will perhaps say it does good others will say the opposite. It is not an established, FDA approved, treatment. It is more in the league of treatments described as supplements and homeopathic. I’ll be doing more work on this today as I said in my previous comment.

          • I do not personally give one shit whether or not something is FDA approved or not. Many drugs have been FDA approved then later taken off the market. And other drugs such as Ivermeticin and Hydroxychoroquine have been top on their safe list, only to be later deemed not safe for Covid 19. The Covid 19 vaccines were also emergency approved, but as we all know they are anything but safe and effective! I don’t trust the CDC, the WHO, or any of them anymore. They simply do not want us taking natural holistic approaches when it comes to our health because it’s a conflict of interest for them and the pharmaceutical companies . My thoughts are when you are trying to save your pets life and give him any amount of relief, I would definitely give nano silver water a try! It has been around for a long time, and there is enough testimony supporting it’s benefits that would justify giving it a try. The benefits outweigh the any cons, if there even are any. I’ve been taking it everyday, my five year old son does as well, and I’ve been treating my cats with it ,too. I used it on them for a wound and sinus infection. Both times it worked great, without me having to take them to the vet. I recently found out one of my cats has feline leukemia and have started giving her about .5 ml twice a day. She is already doing better after a few days. I use high quality nano silver water, not colloidal. The color is amber. It comes in a dark amber glass bottle and should not be exposed to any light. The light will diminish its healing qualities. The nano silver water particulars are smaller than the colloidal silver, and they are more effective penetrating into the cell membrane. I will pray for your cat. Also, research Acemanna I think it is. It’s comes from the aloe Vera plant. I’m waiting on an online order for some myself for my cat. I bought it from the company Metapol I think. It’s their immune support formula. I also give my cat Lysine powder and sodium ascorbate vitamin C powder in her food to help boost her immune system. And I apply a little pure Frankincense essential oil to her fur as well. I’m currently researching Fendbenzole as well, but still researching it. Research all of these. I’ve read they are helpful. Best wishes to you both! Hope this helps.

            • Judy, thank you for your comment. Thank you for your tip about nano silver water which I will look up and if I think that it is interesting, I will write an article about it.

              As to the Covid vaccines, I have to disagree with you. It is, in my view, entirely wrong to say that they were emergency approved and ineffective. No vaccines have undergone more testing than these. They proved highly effective and save millions of lives worldwide. I just don’t know how you can disprove that. They are the most tested vaccines in the history of vaccines. And before use, in the UK for instance, they were tested quickly but the procedure was exactly the same as the procedure used when approving any other vaccine. It seems that you’re very sceptical about the authorities and about conventional viewpoints. That is not a bad idea. We should be sceptical and questioning. I am like you on that but these vaccines were lifesavers. Don’t always go for the alternative because the conventional is often better.

            • My quick research on the Internet tells me that nano silver is the same as colloidal silver. Is that correct Judy? I want to do an article on this but I need to clarify this point.

        • Michelle, having read your comment I have considered the matter further. This article was written years ago by a colleague. It is a good article but it does not express my personal viewpoint. As colloidal silver as a treatment does not have the support of science (I have thus far failed to find any) I would tread very carefully in using it as a treatment for your cat. I would cautiously suggest that the amount you are administering is too high bearng in mind the uncertainties. I will publish a short second article on this today. Good luck to you both.

          • Thank you, Michael. I agree that caution is necessary, and evidence is lacking. He’s seeing his veterinarian, who has a holistic approach, today. We’ll ask her and follow her advice. Hopefully someone will conduct a study on colloidal silver’s actual health benefits. There are enough claims of its benefits to warrant a study. Thanks again.

            • I wish you both the best of luck. I know how hard it is to care for a sick cat. It was certainly emotionally painful for me.

              • Thank you for your kind wishes. It is indeed emotionally challenging for us. We love our pets like any other beloved family or friend and will do whatever we are able to ensure their safety and we’ll being. Thank you so much for being a resource to cat lovers. 😻

            • Thank you for commenting. I had to look up what this product is and I note that it is a liquid for sportspeople which contains electrolytes. Nice idea. I might do some work on that and write about it.

  4. Paul,

    I am currently treating my FIV+ cat via subcutaneous injection of silver colloids and through mixing Modified Citrus Pectin with his every meal. It is my hope to combat the virus directly from two flanks and to kill the mutated virus cells altogether.

    His next FIV test is scheduled for October. Keep fighting for your cat; never give up on them. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. I just found out my 7 yr old male neuterd cat has feline aids.I gave him his Rabis shot,Lukemia shot,and I think pneumonia shot.Nobivac 1 and nobivac felV,and nobivac 1-HCP-Ch on the tag of the bottle it says rhinotracheits- Calici-Panleukopenia, Chlamydia Psittaci Vacine..5 days after his shots he got Lethargic..sweaty and would not eat.I took him back and the Vet said He would take a blood test to see whats wrong.Later that day I found out he has Feline Hiv.or aids.He said he probably had it for six months.Yep, 6 months ago he got in a fight with a Tom..a bad one and his ears were almost chewed up.I sprayed it with Colloidal Silver and in 10 days his ears were like new.So I`am giving him 1-2 ml 3 times a day in his mouth.this is day 3…The colloidal silver is 250 ppm.Now he drinks a little water,and an old friend of mine told me to give it Coconut Water..He seems to drink more of that.It`s suppose to help with electrolytes.How long should I treat him ?. I don`t want him to suffer,should I continue with the Colloidal Silver and Coconut Water,or at what point do I put him down.It`s hard for me:I`am so attached to him. Please give me some of your thoughts.Thanks Paul

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