Avian flu killed 12 Texas farm cats in four days after getting the disease from cattle

H5N1 - a rendition by an AI computer

Avian influenza A(H5N1) in dairy cattle was passed to 12 out of 24 farm cats in raw milk and through direct contact on a single Texas farm and the effect was devasting (see quote below). RELATED: avian flu H5N1 Avian influenza, often termed “highly pathogenic,” particularly refers to strains of the virus that are …

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Can cats get toxoplasmosis from drinking unpasteurized milk?

Farm cat about to drink some unpasteurised cow's milk which might expose them to a T. gondii infection

Yes, cats can get toxoplasmosis from drinking unpasteurised milk. This is interesting because it still remains the case that in many countries people think that the domestic cat will enjoy a saucer of milk and sometimes it will be unpasteurised. Cow’s milk is not ideal for domestic cats as estimates suggest that a significant …

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Turkey’s Istanbul domestic cats are 10 times more likely to have FIV than British domestic cats

Around 22% of domestic cats in Istanbul, Turkey, after FIV+ while the equivalent figure for London and other parts of Britain is between 2 and 5%. Sources: Study and Battersea.

This may surprise readers. I didn’t know until I read a study published in 2000 (things may have changed since) on the topic and compared the figures to those provided by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The study tells us how commonplace FIV infections are in cats in Istanbul. And there appears to be …

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Information and infographic on SPOROTRICHOSIS a fungal infection in cats which is spreading

Sporothrix brasiliensis

For many people, this will be a new cat fungal infection. People are familiar with ringworm in cats which, too, is a fungal infection that is known by many cat caregivers and shelter managers. There are other fungal infections. The one I am addressing today is new to me: Sporothrix brasiliensis. It is present …

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Infographic on ‘Nursing the cat flu patient’

Nursing the cat flu patient

A simple infographic covering the salient points when nursing a cat with flu. As you know there is no cure for cat flu as there is no cure for human flu. The body has to do the work through its immune system and the production of antibodies, but you can help the body fight …

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What causes infectious diseases in cats?

Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa or fungi. These organisms invade the cat’s body. The cat becomes a host and they cause illness. They are all pathogens. They are infectious because they can be transmitted from one cat to another in various ways including contact with infected faeces, mucus, urine, and other …

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Why do indoor cats need rabies shots and other vaccinations for contagious diseases?

Indoor cat

Clearly, a decreased contact with other cats is a powerful way of reducing the exposure of a cat to pathogens. And if a cat is kept indoors full-time under careful caregiving and they are the only cat in that home there is no contact with other animals from which they can contract a contagious …

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38 facts about the common cold in cats

Cat has a cold and owner provides reassurance

Here are 38 facts about the common cold in domestic cats. I like to present these sort of topics in succinct, bullet-point factual terms because I think it helps to understand the subject. The facts are presented chronologically as the disease develops. I hope that you find it useful. The source of the information …

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