Apple cider vinegar for cat and human health treatments

Apple cider vinegar for cat and human health benefits potentially or as claimed

The topic of apple cider vinegar and weight loss has various perspectives. Some experts suggest that it may help boost metabolism and reduce appetite due to its acetic acid content, potentially aiding in weight loss. However, the scientific evidence is inconsistent, and more research is needed to confirm these effects. Although The Times newspaper …

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Home treatment for cat ear mites

Ear mite

Treating your cat’s ear mites is possible at home provided (a) you do it in conjunction with veterinary advice to first positively identify ear mites as the cause of the health problem and (b) your vet has examined the cat and determined that the ear drums are intact and (c) you clean your cat’s …

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Purpose, function and problems of domestic cat anal sacs

Domestic cat anal sacs

The thick, creamy, foul-smelling liquid which is light gray to brown in colour contained in the anal sacs is squeezed onto faeces when the cat defecates. This imparts a particular smell onto the faeces which acts as a calling card for the cat. The scent is particular to that individual cat allowing others to …

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Infographic on osteoarthritis in domestic cats (plus more)

Infographic on osteoarthritis in older cats

Thanks to advances in nutrition and veterinary medicine plus the advantages to health when living full-time indoors, domestic cats nowadays are living longer. There are probably more elderly cats today than there were in the past. VCA Hospitals say “The population of senior and geriatric cats is increasing”. Therefore, there are more older cats …

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Infographic on ‘Nursing the cat flu patient’

Nursing the cat flu patient

A simple infographic covering the salient points when nursing a cat with flu. As you know there is no cure for cat flu as there is no cure for human flu. The body has to do the work through its immune system and the production of antibodies, but you can help the body fight …

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7 steps to take when your cat is stung by a bee or wasp

Cat watches bee

Domestic cats are curious predators which exposes them to stings from bees, wasps and other insects. Stings from bees and wasps will cause a painful swelling and it will usually be on the face or paws as they investigate the insect or perhaps prod it. Rarely, if a cat has been stung many times, …

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6 measures to prevent FLUTD recurring

6 measures to prevent FLUTD

The first preventative step is to consider diet. Some veterinarians believe that feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is caused or exacerbated by dry cat food. There are differences of opinion which is apparent because some veterinarians recommend Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d as a preventative for FLUTD. This is a dry cat food and …

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