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  1. is this red point seamise cat or what kind? my kids found it in the forest in south Carolina. she was blind,her weight was 3 ounces. they rescued her.we feed her from the bottle. and now she is 6 month old.

    • Hi, Yes she is a very faint Flame point Siamese. Well done. Please look after her as you have done. She is special. Only one of your photos has been published but here she is:

  2. I found Sam Axe in my backyard, somehow he got into the privacy fence and he was about 5/6 weeks old still getting his teeth in. No idea if he was separated from his mom, if something happened to his mom or if a person left him. He was so tiny, skinny and had such a baby meow. I hadn’t had cats in almost 8 years, I feed the strays and find them new homes if I can catch them. Kittens and adult cats but I never considered keeping them with having three dogs. When I took Sammy in I wanted to get him better than find him a good home but after a few days I couldn’t think about letting him go. There was just something about him, he’s talkative, so snuggly, follows me around, he will growl and stalk toward the front door if he hears a noise. His pur is so soothing on a stressful day, he will call for me from another room waiting for me to find him, he asks to be picked up by standing up to my legs, he plays fetch and walks on a harness. He wants to be anyplace I am, he even snuggles with the pups and after 7 months of living with us I have never once thought I made the wrong choice.

    • Hi April, thanks for sharing and you definitely made the correct decision. Sam Axe is super handsome and his characteristics are Siamese-like. He is a special cat. I have uploaded a color corrected version of your photo:

  3. I rescued Coconut sleeping on a hot parking lot during the past summer. His eyes were still closed and I almost mistook him for a piece of crumpled paper. Luckily my second glance realized what he was. I bottle fed and raised him up thinking I would find him a home somewhere (which was horribly stressful), but he is just too cute to handle and quickly won over my heart as well as my girlfriend’s. He has a very sweet and playful personality when he’s happy, and very funny grumpy eyebrows when he gets into trouble. Didn’t know what he was until I found this page. Thanks!

    • He is super cute and quite rare. Love him for the rest of his life 😉

      Thanks for commenting and sharing and rescuing him and caring for him. Great story. Great work.

  4. Hi there! My family and I just adopted this beautiful cat from the local shelter. He looks to be a red tip Siamese cat but I am not sure? Any information on his personality in the future? Thank you!

    • Hi Stacy, He is a very interesting and unusual looking cat. He is certainly pointed. His fur is medium long or at least too long for a Siamese. The picture shows ginger/flame pointing. I think he is a random bred cat with flame pointing. If he is a purebred he is more likely to be a Balinese (long haired Siamese).

      In the picture it seems that the pointing on one foreleg is interrupted by white fur. If I am seeing this correctly it would support the idea that he is a random bred pointed cat or a non-purebred flame pointed Siamese type cat. In Asia they are all over the place. In America only purebred pedigree cats can be described as Siamese as they have papers as evidence of their lineage.

      Thanks a lot Stacy. I love your little fella. He is rare and gorgeous.

  5. Crazy to try but Wth I will have to see.a little over a year ago while in southern California my boy Siamese blue point Manx wasn’t around anymore it would be awesome if someone knew something that would help ease my mind to know he is safe.

    • Oh wow, John, that’s sad and I wish you the very best. If you’d like to write a bit more about it in another comment, I’ll convert it into an article which will improve your chances of success.

  6. My kitten Coconut looks EXACTLY like Whitaker! She was found on the side of a road at 6 weeks old. I have never seen a cat anything like her so I have been interested in her history, especially after my vet mentioned that she could be Siamese! I will try to post a pic

  7. Today I adopted the sweetest kitty in the world. He still doesn’t have a name (I’ve got a husband and two young daughters who all have to agree on the name – but I’m going to press them for Jasper! It just feels right!)

    He is the perfect mix of playful and sweet. He loves to climb up my chest while I’m sitting and nuzzle my face. He actually snuggled in my arms with his paws wrapped around my arm. After growing up with a very ornery, but beautiful Calico named Patches (1994-2014), he sure is a change!

    I had never seen coloring like his before, and noticed that his eyes are a beautiful light blue – and a little slanted – and his ears seem larger than my Calico had. This led me to search for what characteristics are pretty much exclusive to Siamese to find out if I’m right that he may have some Siamese in him.

    Everything I’ve found online is pointing toward him being a Flame Point Siamese. A friend of mine was his foster “mom” until he was old enough to be put up for adoption. He was one of 6 kittens in the litter of strays, 3 didn’t survive and of the remaining 3, he was the smallest and weakest, nothing but skin and bones. When he was put in my friends care, after he’d gained some weight and recovering from his rough start at life, she sent me a message stating that she had the PERFECT cat for me and my girls. I think she was right.

    He meowed the entire way home in his little cardboard box. I imagine he’ll become even more vocal once he’s really acclimated himself to his new home. Oh yeah, and he purrs for hours on end!

    The photo was taken this evening, he’s about 8 weeks old right now. 🙂 (Sorry for the poor cell phone quality! I need to get him to sit still long enough – NOT on me! – to take good photos with my DSLR.)

    My husband was not happy about getting a cat, but grudgingly agreed. I have no doubt that this tiny angel will win him over in the end.

    • Hi Caroline, thanks for sharing. To me he has what I call Van-type markings. In other words he has the markings if a Turkish Van (the USA Turkish Van). These markings are quite common in the area around the Mediterranean. You also this coat in the USA.

      I have a page on this;


      If his personality is Siamese-like he may have some Siamese in him but all cats have different characters so he is most likely a random bred cat with a really sweet personality.

      Thanks again.

  8. I have a Flame Point and his name is Casper! He is a strong willed, most protected cat that shows alot of compassion for his family.We have had him since he was 6 weeks old. He is now 18 years old and still going strong! He loves to have a routine, he does the same thing every day.we have raised children together he is a family mancat! There’s not one day that doesn’t go by that I don’t regret having him, he is my child and my best friend!

  9. this is my boy Sheldon, I got him from a friend who’s orange and white tabby had four kittens back in june, I’ve had him about 6 wks now. took him to the vet the other day and she asked where he came from because she said he had all the markings of an applehead flame point. I told her the mother cat was orange/white tabby. Not sure of the daddy cat.

  10. I just adopted a 1 year old male named Leroy. I assumed he was an orange tabby mix but now I think he’s a flame point siamese. Obviously there is Siamese in there, those blue eyes are a dead give away. When I got him home I checked the craftcats website and they mentioned flametip Siamese. Then today when I took him to my Vet, he immediately said he was a flametip Siamese. I had a sealpoint Siamese for 15 years, and he definately reminds me of her. But his fur is longer and his eyes are lighter. Also, Leroy has a very expressive yet quiet way of talking. More of an ick, ick. Rowan, my sealpoint, also had this quiet way of talking, but she could also be quite operatic when she desired. I started looking for info on flamepoints and sure enough he resembles them. But, his gaze is straight on, no crossing of the eyes. His eyes are light blue darkening as you near the center. Also his tail does not have rings on it. It’s red on top and white underneath. His hocks are red, pads and nose are pink. Could he be a flamepoint/white mix? Not that I care. In 48 hours he has captured my heart. He definately has that Siamese way of taking your heart right out of your body. My heart is now walking around on four little paws of a cat named My Boy Leroy!

    • For me Leroy is not purebred but he does seem to have the tabby gene because he has the classic M tabby mark on the forehead. He is also a pointed cat like a Siamese and the pointing is red (flame pointing) and his fur is longer than that of a Siamese cat. His face is squarer than a Siamese.

      For me he is a random bred Siamese mix. He has the pointing gene giving him the Siamese appearance but there are other genes at work too. The Siamese in Thailand (formerly Siam) vary as well. The concept of “breeds” is rather complicated. He’d probably be considered a Siamese cat in Thailand, the home of the Siamese cat.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing.

      • Thanks Michael. Guess I’ll just have to wonder where that bit of Siamese got in there! But it certainly gave him a beautiful color and amazing eyes.

  11. Hi My baby boy Bogey (Humprey) is six and is the sweetest boy you could ever imagine . Got him at six months from a friend who rescued him as a kitten .He was never abused and was around other siblings and cats and docile dogs before I got him. You could bite his head off (not that anyone would he luvs everyone and they luv him) He is very smart fetches like a dog sits up when I give him a spoon of food. He speaks and numerous other things.

    He luvs to follow u around like a puppy dog. He lets me trim his nails in my lap with his feet up in the air. Very sweet but does run around in the morning like a bat out of hell. . One thing that sometimes happens is that out of the blue if he gets scared .ex I was pulling / tugging at a cabinet door and it feel out. It scared him. Then he started to attack me. Another time I was unpacking my large dark suitcase and the lid fell open.

    I notice when I wear black or dark pants/jeans this happens more . His blus eyes turned black and he attacked me. I don’t know if this is common for this flame point breed or if it’s because he’s an indoor cat .He does look out the windows and doors and does seem to want to go outside.He’s succeeded a few times and just ran down the stairs and got scared. It’s (the attacking ) happened less then ten times in six years and I can sometimes predict when he is getting funny. It hasn’t happened in eight months . and when it did I stood still until he got calmer. I’m in New Jersey and I think it happens more in the winter. Ps .

    He also loves to smell everything. Any thoughts ideas . I live with my elderly mom and up until two years ago he slept in the bed with her until she woke to him growling at her after biting her leg under the cover then she put her hand to shoe him away which he bite .he was sitting on her bed staring at her in the dark . Blue eyes black . He never was allowed to sleep in her bed . Which he’s fine with . He sleeps everywhere . Has the best chairs and spots in the house also a double kitty bed as you can see in his 5 year b- day party (his only party so far luved the gifts especially the chia pet

    • Got him at six months from a friend who rescued him as a kitten

      I think the answer to the occasional phase of aggression to certain circumstances is in the line I have quoted. He may have had a bad experience during those formative weeks, the first 8 weeks or so. This has damaged him slightly psychologically and he reacts as described. I guess you know these circumstances and avoid them. Also when a cat has become aggressive it is best as you say to not fight with the cat because the human will lose (get scratched/bitten).

      Bogey is a classic flame point Siamese in appearance. Very handsome and smart as well. Siamese are said to be smart. Thanks for sharing.

  12. We had a Seal Point Siamese while growing up. Her name was Babe (pronounced Baby). She lived to be 24 years old. She was a gorgeous creature. I came across two kittens in the street. One had just been hit. The other ran away. I stayed with the dying kitten until its last breath. Heartbroken I searched for the other one. He was so fast and had super sharp claws. He was solid white with blue eyes and was very fuzzy. We caught him and took him home. He was only 5 weeks old. He’s now 2. He is a beautiful Red Point and so lovable. He purrs constantly and always wants to be massaged up his spine. I love his orange dusting. It’s quite light except on his tail.

  13. These cat’s are beautiful, I recently just found out that my rescue cat is a red point Siamese, he was in bad shape when we received him but is happier and loves us and we him very much. He does have a little problem bitting when he gets excited or if were away and he wants to let us know that he missed us very much.

    Does any one have a problem with biting in this breed of cat?

    We are so happy to have given him a better life than live in a cat house with 100’s of other cats just to get sicker and die. His name is Sir Kitty Boy as he is the boss, he talks your head off morning noon and night. I’m mostly alone so I don’t mind him talking to me, If anyone has anymore info on this type of cats disposition please let me know.

  14. I just found out that the cat I have is a flame-point siamese. She was from a siamese, or nearly siamese mother and a tabby father, as i have been told. her siblings, all but one or two, looked totally siamese. She was pure white when we got her, but has, like the flame point, turned color! It’s so cool to think that she is actually a rare type of cat that people adore as much as I do…Cool article! Maybe I’ll put up a picture one day.

  15. I loved learning more about flame points! I have had three cats in my life time so far. A calico, some sort of short haired tabby and my latest cat is a beautiful Flame Point Siamese named Frisco. The name describes him perfectly! Frisky + Physco = Frisco.

    He is such an amazing cat. He came into my life by mistake but I wouldn’t change a thing now. After having to put my tabby down at the age of 9 years old I went 2 years without a cat, it was hard, a home is not complete without a cat.

    Anyways I finally went down to the local SPCA and found a cat that I fell in love with named Rupert. He was a lynx point siamese. I went home to think things over before phoning and letting the shelter know that I’d be there to adopt him. However when I got there the next day they had adopted Rupert out, they had gotten him mixed up with another cat!

    I was so upset I had my heart set on a Siamese and he had been the only one. The workers saw how sad I was and went into the back and brought out this little pure while kitten with ice blue eyes. They told me that he was a siamese as well and though he wasn’t supposed to go out for adoption until the next day they would let me take him home.

    Needless to say I took the kitten home. At first I wasn’t sure i had made the right choice. This cat was crazy! He would meow constantly including that deep and loud meow Siamese seem to be known for. He would tear through the house and climb on everything! Honestly it took me a year to get used to him. I was just so used to my laid back tabby cat, I had no clue how to handle this cat.

    Thankfully though Frisco did grow on me and I finally fell in love with the little fur ball. I knew Siamese were smart but I was not prepared for how clever he can be. He soon learned were a kept his treats, learned how to open the cupboard door and rip open the bag! That was a shock to come home to all the cat treats spilled along the floor! He can turn on our drinking water tap by pushing down on the little handle and he will drink from it from time to time. He very quickly learned how to play fetch with his favourite toy as well!

    He is 2 and a half years old now and still lives up to his name. Everyday he is learning something new and always testing my patiences but honestly I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have fallen in love with the breed and would definitely adopt another Siamese in a heart beat if I saw one at the local SPCA!

    I have so many pictures of him and wouldn’t mind sharing some if you are interested in seeing them. I live in Canada so he has more orange to him then some of the others that I’ve seen, I’m assuming that that is because of the cooler climate.

    • Hi Amber, I enjoyed reading your story. It’s a lovely story and I’m pleased that you are enjoying the company of your Siamese cat. You can upload photographs to comments. If you look just below the comment box you’ll see how to do it. Please go ahead and try in another comment but if it does not work it is because the image size is too large as it is limited to 2,000,000 bytes. There are instructions also in a link which tells you how to reduce the size of the image online. It is all very easy and I look forward to seeing your photographs. Thanks sharing. Any future comments of yours will be published immediately without moderation.

  16. We have a Flame point Siamease and he has a Ridgeback and it is very sensitive for us to touch. Sometimes it starts Braiding. Its so cool to look at, but we can’t pet him there.

    • Are you saying that a part of his back (the spine) is sensitive to the touch. That does not surprise me to be honest. Some individual cats will be like that but the area varies somewhat. Thanks for commenting. From now on any comment you make will be published immediately.

      • I am currently fostering an 10 month old Siamese named Indie. He has a couple of unique characteristics I haven’t seen before. First, his tail is kinked, but it seems to be the very top of his tail, as though the vertebrae folded back on themselves resulting in a stump. You can feel the twist in the tail and Indie doesn’t appear bothered by a slightly shorter tail. Secondly, he has a small one inch patch of fur about mid shoulder/spine that appeared to be a bit of rollback type fur. It doesn’t lye the same direction as the rest of his fur and has the appearance of a kitty-cowlick. Perhaps I’ll just have to just start to “doing his hair” with hair mousse along with my own every morning! LOL

        I’d love to know if the piggyback hair is common with Siamese.


        • Hi Carmel. Thanks for sharing. We know that the kinked tail is a genuine Siamese trait so that is nice. As for the fur, I have never heard of that on any cat never mind a Siamese. It sounds like an anatomical anomaly but that’s a wild guess. I’ll do a bit research on this and if I find something I’ll post it here as a comment. I don’t believe that “piggyback” hair is common with Siamese. I am sure I would have bumped into that snippet of information if it was out there. I could be wring through.

  17. This is my cat Myzka. I adopted him from a pet store when a women’s cat had kittens. No papers, but the vet believed he was a flame point Siamese. He is very docile, good with kids, and not violent at all. He has bright blue eyes, and tan coloring on his face and tail (although it is probably not clear in the picture). He has a favorite who he follows around and sleeps with, and loves the company of one of our older cats. He has blue eyes, and is very vocal. Is he a flame point Siamese?

    • The pointing is very subtle because the coat is peachy/tan/beige colored too slightly. I am not sure he is flame pointed. If he is he also has some white at the front of the face. That is the kind of thing that you see in mitted Ragdolls. It is probably caused by the piebald gene. He is also medium long haired.

      I tend to believe he is a dilute solid and white cat – diluted red (orange) and white but he may also be pointed as well. Certainly a melange of cat coat genes and an extremely beautiful cat.

      His coat is unique to me. I have not seen a coat like this before. He may be a flame pointed cat with other modifier genes. That is my best bet.

      Conclusion: flame point random bred cat with modifier genes to dilute (dilution gene?) and for white spotting (piebald or white spotting gene).

      Thanks for sharing. If Sarah Hartwell sees this she’ll do a better job than me because she is an expert on feline genetics.

  18. I would live to get a flame point Siamese I had a seal point and a chocolate point and they both lived till 14 yrs,
    I just love Siamese. I live in Wisc. Is there one out there for me ? I want a young one.

    • Hi Audrey. You are a Siamese fan. Jo Singer, a writer on PoC is too. I am afraid I can’t tell you where you can adopt one. It will probably mean going to a breeder and if so the best way to start is to go to the cat associations and use their websites. Good luck.

  19. My Sinatra may have been a Flamepoint. He had the most beautiful eyes I ever saw. He went to Rainbow Ridge at age 16 and I still miss him.

  20. The cat looking up at the camera is the same cat as the one looking out the gate. The calico is my gal Girlie, or Mama as I usually call her. She’s the most wonderful personality I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

      • You know, I do. It’s funny you should mention it. She will lie in my arm crook, like a baby with her head in that crook and body down my forearm. She will look up at me as I talk to her. Sometimes, if she’s near, I will say something and she gives a little meow like she’s in agreement. But she will talk with her actions too. She’ll look up at me, as she sits at my feet, place her paw on my knee, then head for the back door and sit till I get up and let her out. She’s incredibly communicative, no words, but she communicates. She’s an interloper of sorts. Se showed up on my back porch one night, starving, skinny, fur all matted. I fed her and she left. Next night, she came back and ate more. I bent to pick her up and she leapt up into my arms like she belonged and she’s been here since. She’s a love..a true one.

        • Once a cat owner understands how to communicate with a cat through vocalisation, body language and routines it makes the relationship very rich and strong. I can tell you are a cat communicator 😉

  21. I was given a flame point Siamese, had never heard of the breed, but I thought he was just beautiful. The lady who gave him to me did so because the neighborhood they lived in had lots of feral cats and every time Stewie went out, he was beaten up. He is now healed, and is the perfect indoor cat with no desire to go out, even though we live way out in the country and have 2 outside cats. Stewie lives with a French bulldog named Harley Davidson, a Chihuahua named Sonya, a Boston Terrier named Mitzi Lou, a Blue Heeler-huahua named Tripod, and my newest baby that I’ve had since he was 4 weeks and is now 10 weeks, named Arthur Terror (he is a terror!) but we call him Artie and he’s a toy Schnaweeniehuahua! Tripod and Stewie are Artie’s “pets” and he gives them the blues! But when Stewie is tired of the abuse, he slaps Artie off the bed, or wraps his front legs around Artie’s neck and uses his hind legs to scratch at Artie’s tummy, which is when I intervene. I’ve been rescuing animals for about 20 years, and know what Stewie is doing, so that has to be stopped. But Stewie is a “mama’s boy” and my lap is his favorite spot! (Even if he has to fight Artie for it!)

  22. I just adopeted a 3 year old Flamepoint, other than biteing what can I expect> just brought him home today, he picked me by reaching through the cage and grabed me. Seems a littel shy but will cuddel at his terms just like a siamese, any thing that I should know about his behavror or needs?

  23. Here is a picture of my wonderful, sweet, intelligent six month old kitten Luna. We adopted her from someone whose orange tabby had kittens… the others were all orange tabbies! She is very vocal, social and clever — loves to play in water, will steal things and carry them around in her mouth, caught her first mouse at 10 weeks old.

    • Melissa your picture probably didn’t upload because it is over 2m bytes (too large). Try making it smaller as instructed below the comment. Thanks a lot for sharing anyway.

  24. Here is a photo of our beautiful girl Mimi. We got her from a cat shelter about 2 months ago.She was found pregnant and starving, and she was little more than a baby herself. Her kittens were dead in the womb, but she now is a happy (and a bit chubby) girl who is full of affection. Pretty sure she is a red point, but no papers, of course. We don’t care… She is such a sweety, and very smart. She has learned to unlock her cat door, something neither of our two previous cats ever managed to do 😉

    • Hi Libby she is a flame point traditional Siamese, just like the original and best type. Beautiful cat. How she ended up in a cat shelter in a bad way is beyond me. Thanks for sharing. Siamese are considered to be smart cats.

      • She is lovely. Here in Australia I think they are called red points….but there seems to be lots of debate about this. Doesn’t matter. We love her, especially when she does her happy tail wiggle when she thinks the fridge door is about to open. Cute.

  25. I have what I believe is a flame point Siamese..I’m having some trouble w/him..hes about 7mos old, he’s HUGE and is VERY vocal. We thought when he was a kitten he had separation anxiety BC he would claw at our bedroom door for hours literally screaming. Almost sounds like he’s saying “let me out” Lol. He still does it now, although not as much.

    He always wants to get outside any given chance, even though he was raised indoors. We have a lot of trouble w/him peeing on beds and.blankets. he will use the litter box, but if he’s left in any of the bedrooms, even if the doors opened, he will pee on the bed and sometimes poop on the floor. Also, he gets super angry when we vacuum. He will attack if you go near him w/the thing. Hes very playful and very affectionate, but he has a temper when he wants to. We have a puggle puppy and he LOVES to play w/her..wraps his paws around her and will roll around w/her for hours. He jumps on our counters and gets in our trash bags, seems to be obsessed w/any type of bread.

    When you don’t give him water he will push his bowl towards the sink and demand it. He sometimes uses his paws to feed himself as well. He’s starting to learn to open doors too. Oh and…aren’t cats eyes supposed to glow green in the dark? BC his glow red. The picture is him after he caught a mouse he had been hunting for over a month. BTW my 7r old named him Spike. Lol.

    • Hi Elisabeth, Spike is a flame point Siamese. He is not registered with a cat association so he is not a pedigree cat but who cares!

      His behavior (peeing etc.) indicates anxiety. I expect he does it when you or his dog friend are not around. He needs constant reassurance. He probably had a difficult start to life.

      He seems to have some Siamese characteristics too. A need for company, vocal and smart.

      Thanks for sharing.

  26. My husband found this precious kitten about a month ago. He brought him home and gave him to me as a gift. He loves attention, is very sweet, gives kisses. He doesn’t meow much at all,
    I was wondering if he might be an Orange tip. I will post a pic as soon as I can.
    he has orange ears,a pale orange marking on his face,white body and orange on top of white on his tail.

  27. I have what I believe is a flame point. He was a rescue, abused, and the shelter almost didn’t bring him to the adoption drive that day. It took about six months for Ramses to adjust and come to trust me. He’s a very happy and loving cat, no longer timid or afraid, and certainly very determined to get as many scratches and cuddles from those around him!

    • Hi Terri. Thanks for visiting and showing us Ramses. He is a very handsome cat. He looks like a very classy cat with a hint of pedigree (purebred) in his appearance.

      I think he is a flame point with a bicolor coat – the pointing is interrupted by the white fur caused by the piebald gene.

      Ramses looks like a Ragdoll cat to me.

  28. We have a 3.5 month old kitten “Yeti” that was born pure white, he now looks just like “Whitaker”. Beautiful cat with a very playful personality. His mother “Suki” who was also white at birth, is a seal point that is getting more and more grey with age, she is just over a year.

    • Yes, you describe a Siamese cat. All Siamese cats are born pure white and when the extremities cool the darker fur starts to grow. You are lucky. The flame point is a gorgeous looking cat. It is my favorite pointing.

  29. My flame point, Casper, is my baby. I found him in the ghetto when i was working. he was about 4 weeks and hes been with me for about 7 months. He is so amazing and has the most awesome personality. He plays fetch and rarely meows, instead he has a high pitched sort of rumble. I thought he was a mutt,then a friend who referred to herself as the crazy cat lady, lol, called it a flame point so of course i had to do some research. Origionally he was all white, i thought he was going to be a pure white cat. To m surprie he developed color onhis ears nose and tail, and very light bands around his back legs. Is there anything i should know about this breed that doesnt happen with other breeds? i.e eye problems or anything like that?

    • Hi Ashley. Casper has the Siamese gene and his pointing is red (flame). Fantastic. I would say Casper is a pretty rare cat. I don’t think he will have an special health problems. Sometimes Siamese cats can have a squint but it does not affect their eyesight. Sometimes they have kinked tails. As Casper appears not to have been bred by a breeder I would argue that he is healthier than a selectively bred cat.

      Click on the link to read about Siamese cat health problems. However that page concerns bred cats – pedigree cats. As I said I don’t think Casper is, which is a good thing because the Siamese has a long list of genetically inherited diseases. These are potential diseases depending on the individual cat.

      Thanks for visiting and asking.

  30. My flame point Siamese adopted me about a month ago. My dog found him in an abandoned lot near my house. He was dirty and thin, but did not run away from me. I carried him home and posted his picture around, figuring someone lost a perfectly good cat. No calls, and I am glad… he is a sweetheart and a delight to talk with and there will never be a bird or stray cat coming into my yard again. I haven’t quite named him yet, just calling him cat-cat or Mr. Mrow.

  31. I believe I have a flame point Siamese cat, but I am unsure he was a stray that wondered in and I was wondering if you could help identity the breed of my cat or anyone can help because he if a very beautiful cat

  32. This picture looks like the stray intact male that is starting to call my home, his own. Although I had never seen a Flame Point Siamese, I have had the pleasure of being a childhood pet parent to a Siamese (traditional colored). I recognized the characteristics, and that is what has brought me to this page. He seems to be blind. I have never experienced a blind cat. He can look right at you and seems to only follow scents and sounds. All he wanted to do was get somewhere safe (top of closed & running washing machine) and curl up with a blanket. Thinking that he must have a home somewhere, he is not “spooked” by any sounds and loves people. I will try to find his home, would love to keep him but he needs a warm lap in a calm house, not the home of a busy 4 year old, 2 cats (altered males), and 3 various sized dogs (40, 60 & 80 lbs). I may try to get him to my vet to see if he has a micro-chip… unlikely in my area of the south, but worth a shot.

    • Hi Kelly. It is pretty rare in America and Europe. You have a pretty rare cat in the USA (I presume you are American) but genetic mutations that cause short or kinked tails are not exceptional. But they are rare in the West. This cat may be a Siamese cat mix. Siamese cats in Asia sometimes have short “Manx-like” tails and kinked tails. It is part of the history of the Siamese cat breed but breeders have bred it out in the West. The word “manx” is used to mean a cat with a short or no tail but these cats are often not Manx cats at all.

    • I just surrendered my beloved flame tip cat, named TUCA, to our local humane society yesterday because my obnoxious neighbors couldn’t stand having him in their yard. He was a lost kitten in Brasil when he found me there 16 months ago, so I got him all fixed up with a Vet & all his Gov’t papers & brought him back to my home in the USA. Then my neighbors began threatening to call the police. He is indoor/outdoor (I have a cat door so he is free) & it would make him very unhappy to be forced to stay inside. So I released him to the Shelter, in the hope he will find a loving owner who will allow him to be free. If you are still interested, he is now up for adoption. Let me know if you want details.

      • I neglected to mention, I only released Tuca to the Humane Soc. AFTER my neighbors called Animal Control to pick him up, which they did yesterday morning. I am still very conflicted as to my feelings about what my neighbors did, & leaving TUCA at the Shelter.

    • I found a lady in Clearwater fl who had 4 kittens bought one for a friend for Christmas for 100.00 she had 3 others to sell not sure if she sold them yet Maggie 727-953-0170 was her number

  33. We had long haired flame point named Bali. Goy him at 7 weeks old and his weight was only 1/2 pound he was very sick and we nursed him back to health. He was the best cat and friend. He got out a few weeks ago and was killed by a car. He was only 2 /1/2 yrs old. My wife and daughter are devastated. We also have a grey long haired named Max that is his brother. They look and act very different. Bali was much more out going and always by our side. We are looking for another one to adopted and are having a hard time – any suggestions?

    • Very sorry to hear of your loss. Off hand I don’t know where you might adopt a flame point Siamese. As I said I think they are rare. TICA breeders are allowed to breed flame point. You might try a TICA breeder. You might go to their website and look for a breeder if you think buying from a breeder is OK. But watch out of for health. Siamese cats tend to have more health problems in my opinion.

  34. I have a red flame Siamese named Mikey-Boy. I’ve had him since he was three months old. He is now 12 1/2 years old. I never knew a cat could be so intelligent, humorous, loyal, and lovable until this four-legged wonder walked into my life. He is my constant companion whether we are inside or outdoors. My son calls Mikey my husband. LOL The awesomeness in these cats is their coloring. In the winter, Mikey looks a deep rust, apricot. And in the summer he looks sheer cream colored. I could go on and on about these Meezers but there isn’t enough room.

  35. Found this web page by going to orange flame point siamese cats. Interesting stories -have enjoyed all the information I found here. I just adopted an 2 Yr old Orange Flame Point, have only had him three days but he is the most loving cat- loves to be petted, and very bound to me already, and loves to talk. Got him from the local shelter. He has bright orange tip pointed ears,orange on his face,white neck and shoulders and then orange stripes all the way to end of tail, very beautiful cat – about 9-10 lbs- beautiful blue eyes and they are crossed also- but really looks like a Siamese . any more information would sure be helpful! THANKS

    • He sounds like a beautiful cat. You are lucky to have him as a companion 🙂 As I said I think they are relatively rare cats. The CFA does not accept flame pointing as I recall. TICA accepts all pointed colors so accept the flame point. CFA = Cat Fanciers’ Association and TICA = The International Cat Association. I prefer the traditional flame point. They look beautiful to me. It seems to me that the flam point is really a red tabby point as the pointing is that if a ginger tabby cat to some extent. Although there is no M mark on the head of a flame point Siamese cat. Does you cat have an M mark on his forehead?

  36. I have a a flame point. My grand mother got her when she was weaned off her mother’s milk. At first she was solid color, then over time she got orange stripes on her tail and orange on nose and ears.

  37. Hi, My sis have a 17 year old flame point cat named Teo, it is beautiful and talkative cat, love its to purr for everything or everyone, they live in Guadalajara, Mexico.

  38. I have a 12 year old cat named Mo, looks very similar to the cat pictured above. He is obnoxious and I adore him. We live in CA, but when we moved to CO, his coloring changed a bit – he got darker all over, he lightened up a bit after returning back to CA. I’ve never seen another cat with look as similar as the one above. Mo is a BIG cat at 16 lbs, but is actually kinda thin. oh – he also has 6 toes on each front paw. The 6th toe has a knuckle and claw and he uses it. He is a trip! Came across your page by accident as his behavior is odd lately. Looking for a page to explain his symptom.
    Very interesting read.

    • Hi, the lightening and darkening of the fur is due to the heat sensitive nature of the cells in the skin that produces the pigment that goes into the hair strand. Environmental temperature, the cooler extremities of the cat, and age of the cat affects the skin temperature. This information may help explain what is going on. Thanks for the comment.

    • I have a cat I was told is part Siamese, but then was told by someone else that he most likely is NOT part Siamese, but pure Siamese Flame Point. My MO is VERY much like the above picture, just slightly darker (more cream colored). He adopted me from a shelter. Unfortunately, some previous owner had him declawed on the front feet. He weighs a little over 19 pounds, and is about 10 1/2 years old.

      • Hi Donna, thanks for commenting. The photo accompanying your comment is not of a Siamese cat as there is white fur over the muzzle and nose. Does your cat have white fur over the muzzle? If so he is probably a random bred bicolor (white and red fur). However, if he has red pointing like a Siamese then he could be a flame point Siamese.

        • This photo with the captioning is my cat, MO….he does have the red pointing and also has the blue eyes. They look orange here because of the flash of the camera. He has the white on his muzzle, and also the rings on tail and parts of his body like I have seen in pictures of Flame Point Siamese. Thank you very much for responding to my comment. I thought it was neat that the comment I responded to was from a person with a cat looking like the Flame Point Siamese pictures and also names Mo.

            • Now I’m even more confused….those pictures of Snowshoes seem to be much darker in color than MO. I DO know that I am blessed by MO having chosen me to be his person. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. I have been trying to send you another picture of MO, showing how large he is, but it isn’t being accepted.

  39. I have a beautiful flame point cat I adopted from the humane society at five weeks old after it was found on the road alone with a sibling.He was pure white with blue eyes and to my surpise changed to the flame point. I would love to share a picture.

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