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  2. Hello, I know this is a long shot but after looking through this website and finding so much useful information I figured I would try. I recently adopted up a shelter kitten to be a companion to my 13 year old Norwiegen forest cat (they get along great). This little guy has the most unique color and subtle blue points, he is a huge talker and always full of energy. I just want to ask if I am right assuming he has some strong siamese genetics in him, and if I am wrong what he could be. Ill attach my picture of him below

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  6. No offense, but if you are looking for a traditional, look no further than a shelter or purebred rescue. Because more people prefer the “common & ordinary”, and also there are more breeders out there that are the bad breeders that are more likely to be raising the traditional ones (no thought to standards or quality) than the moderns, many of these cats are the ones getting dumped, so they are actually much easier to find than a modern, especially at the shelter. The fact that many breeds such as the rexes, hairless & the OSH/modern Siamese are considered ugly is because most people tend to be conformists & are used to the common cats, therefore any breed that looks different is either loved or hated. Siamese breeders that breed for moderns do it because that is what they like….. if they liked the traditionals, they would be raising them instead. They don’t need to look into seeing which one is more popular than the other…if that were the case, then why even breed some of the rare breeds you don’t even see that often. Just because there aren’t as many that appreciate the elegance of the modern siamese, doesn’t mean breeders should just stop breeding them altogether. Their goal isn’t to win a popularity contest or try to sell as many cats as possible. They are in it for the love of their breed!

    • Fair point and thanks for visiting and commenting. I agree that breeders do it because they like doing it and the breed first and foremost. However, they do make a bit of pocket money from it so popularity of the breed is a consideration or should be.

      The modern is too extreme. The best is the original appearance. The classic Siamese. The conformation of the Thai cat is what I would call the classic Siamese look. The “old-style” Siamese is also correct as far as I am concerned. It is a natural, balanced look.

      • Hi again, I’m commenting here too as this caught my eye:

        “However, they do make a bit of pocket money from it so popularity of the breed is a consideration or should be.”

        At least in Finland, it’s quite impossible to make money with breeding, quite the contrary. Luckily we have so many conditions and rules for you to be a registered breeder that no one can make money with breeding. Of course there’s the problem with unregistered “breeders” who just sell ill cats only to make money. Majority wont buy form them, but the problem still is there sadly.

        I guess my point was that if you are a breeder who goes to shows with your cats (in Finland), you more likely lose money than get even with the costs of vaccinating the litter and testing the parents with various health tests and so on.

        • Finland will have much tighter control over cat breeding (thank God) than America. America likes things unregulated or as unregulated as possible because Americans have this strong concept of individual freedoms and less of a community spirit I would suggest.

          Hobby breeders in the US and UK make enough to add to the family income. I have a lady next door who breeds cats informally (moggies) and she sells them for £80 but purebreds go for up to £1000.

          • That’s a shame, and really sad. Purebred cats cost here, too (modern Siamese about from 650 € to 800 € if I’m correct, the prices go up as the registration prices have gone up as well). Bengals cost about 1000 € I believe.

            With that price you should get a cat which is vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and registered. Some “breeders” sell unregistered siamese and other breeds for half the price, but they end up to cost as much as the registered cats or even more in the form of vet bills.

            • Yes, you can get a bad breeder and end up heartbroken because you have made a connection with your cat but she is ill and is unlikely to get a lot better in some cases. Add to that emotion a lot of veterinary expense and you have a disaster.

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  8. We are in St. Louis, MO. We have a 8 month Flamepoint tomcat and would like to see if there are breeders in the area. He has not been neutered yet.

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