Traditional cat breeds. Discussion 2023.

Traditional cat breeds

Sometimes within the cat fancy there is an argument as to whether there is such a thing as a traditional cat breed. For instance, the contemporary, “foreign” (slender) looking Siamese is claimed by some breeders to be the original shape. In which case the modern version of this cat breed would be the same …

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Siamese cat breeders in Alabama and Florida

Chocolate point modern Siamese with unusual markings and a snow white coat

Looking for Siamese cat breeders in Alabama? I first wrote this page in 2011 and I struggled somewhat then to find Siamese cat breeders in Alabama or neighbouring Florida. Some of those breeders have shut down over the intervening 11 years and therefore I have revisited this page and updated it. I can confirm …

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Types of Siamese Cat with Pictures

This is an attempt to explain the different types of Siamese cat with the help of illustrations that show the subtle differences. What do I mean by ‘type’ of Siamese cat? I am referring to the body conformation, the shape of the cat’s body, head, ears, tail etc. For the purposes of this article, …

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Most Popular Cat Breeds in America 2011

There is an ongoing debate about which cat breeds are the most popular. Popularity will change over time and the methods for deciding the most popular also affects the results. There are at least three ways to measure cat breed popularity: In a straight poll from a wide cross section of society, hopefully from …

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Siamese Cat Breeders

Is this a Classic Siamese Cat? – see below The title of this page is misleading. The page is about the traditional or old style Siamese cat. The selective breeding of this cat is very relevant. There are several types of Siamese cat. The most extreme is the what I have called the ‘modern …

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