Ginger tabby cat rests on human companion’s shoulders while he rides a motorbike at 30 miles an hour

The caption for the video is that “a clingy cat sleeps on owner’s back while riding motorbike” but I swear to God that this cat is not sleeping but he’s clinging, he is definitely clinging! That said, it is absolutely clear that this ginger tabby cat is relaxed and confident notwithstanding the fact that it looks incredibly dangerous because his human companion is riding his motorcycle at about 30 mph in a busy urban environment with lots of other traffic all over the place.

I can’t show you the video because I can’t embed it on my website but the couple of still photographs give you a good idea of what it is like (link at base of page). The video was made in Thailand and was taken by another motorcyclist just behind him who reached for his smart phone and captured the film. Clearly this is a routine for this cat and also it is completely clear that cat and human are bonded in the deepest possible sense. There must be an enormous amount of trust between the two to enable them to do this.

Despite this incredible trust, it must be inherently very dangerous to do what they are doing and I would personally recommend to this person that they stop doing it, if given the chance. You could do this day in day out for months and everything would be perfect and it will look amazing and the cat will be safe and then suddenly something happens on the road which disturbs the cat, he loses his grip, is thrown onto the road and is killed very quickly. Or the man has an accident and hits another vehicle of pedestrian. These things happen. He must think of his cat under these circumstances.

It’s just too risky so I’ve got to say that although he is obviously a wonderfully cat guardian in one sense, in this instance he is being reckless about his cat companion’s health and welfare and he should stop forthwith. I have seen these sorts of videos and photos before. Sometimes it is a person walking down the sidewalk with a cat on his shoulders. It is always a man. Women are more cautious.

Link to the video on MSN. Note: this link will fail to work one day as they almost invariably break because webpages on news media sites are sometimes removed or the content is changed.


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