British cat owners do not feel responsible for their cats killing wildlife

Cat looking at bird outside

British cat owners have a variety of responses to their cat’s hunting behaviour. Some are very concerned about the impact that their cat makes on wildlife through hunting. Others are less concerned. However, both groups prioritise the welfare of their … please continue reading

Fifth of UK cat owners don’t know that their cat is a carnivore

Palmerston the Foreign Office cat

A fifth (20 out of 100 cat owners) don’t realise that their cat is a carnivore so concludes a 2,000 cat owner survey by a cat food manufacturer, Lily’s Kitchen. This lack of basic and essential knowledge on cat nutrition … please continue reading

Why aren’t cat owners responsible for all the wild birds their pets kill?

If cat-lovers really care about animals they should face up to what their pets do (Telegraph Journalist) Well, why aren’t cat owners responsible for the birds that their cats kill? These are my reasons but visitors may have better reasons. … please continue reading

Hush Hush Kitten Dumping

This is an instructional video, I feel because the cat rescue lady in the video says that people put kittens in plastic bags and chuck the bag away (out of the car window seems to he the new fad) but … please continue reading

Spay USA And Cat Overpopulation Discussion

This article is an open discussion about cat overpopulation, why it’s happening, and what can we do to reduce the number of unwanted cats born each year. Not just in the USA, but worldwide. I apologize for the long read … please continue reading