Good people are still seeking justice for Strushie the Miami Beach cat

Strushie was a cat born at the Franklin Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. The hotel’s previous owner Eleonora Todaro obviously liked cats and liked Strushie. This is clear because when she sold her hotel in November 2016, to the current owners, Chris Viso and Charles Schneider, she paid them to feed the cats one of whom was Strushie.

Regrettably, the new owners do not like cats. They refused to feed them. They threatened legal action against people who fed them. Apparently they declared to the world that they hated cats.

It is alleged that they instructed an illegal, Greek immigrant to America and an employee, Georgios Lollias, to kill Strushie. Strushie was found outside the hotel at 860 Collins Avenue, South Beach, Miami on April 26. He had an arrow through his head and mouth. He was euthanised by a veterinarian.

An investigation was started. Lollias said that he had found the cat. He spoke to a local news station about it. He was lying. Eleonora Todaro put up a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Strushie’s killer. In all $27,000 was raised. There were rallies seeking justice for Strushie.

Subsequently police said that a video surveillance camera showed Lollias stalking Strushie outside the hotel carrying a crossbow. He was trying to conceal the crossbow. He shot a bolt from the crossbow into bushes twice. One of the bolts went into the cat’s brain.

Lollias was arrested several months after Strushie had been killed by him. Presented with overwhelming evidence he admitted to shooting the cat. The Facebook page Justice for Strushie-Miami Beach Cat Killed by Arrow, states that the case is not over.

The author of that page firmly believes that the owners of the Franklin Hotel instructed and paid Lollias to kill Strushie. They are concerned that the police force will not investigate the matter further leading to the possible arrest and charging of the hotel owners. She believes that the police hope that the arrest of Lollias will satisfy the public.

The author of the Facebook page goes on to state that the current owners of the hotel were fighting with Eleonora Todaro over the use of a liquor licence. The current owners of the hotel were illegally using a liquor licence and she reported them to the local authorities. At about this time threats by the current owners were made against people feeding the cats which led to the “murder” of Strushie.

It is alleged that Viso and Schneider promised thousands of dollars of dental implants and provided free housing to Lollias even though he’d only been employed by them for five months at the time. They claim this was payment for killing Strushie. They claim that Schneider is an avid hunter who likes to collect weapons.

The video material which helped to catch Lollias had been tampered with. Justice for Strushie allege that this could only have been done by Schneider and Viso because Lollias did not have the password to get at the video material or the knowledge to do it.

In conclusion, justice for Strushie is not being done because those who allegedly paid Strushie’s killer have not been charged with a felony crime of animal cruelty. Lollias faces two felony charges. Being an illegal immigrant, he is also facing deportation after a possible maximum 10 year prison sentence.

Sources: various, primarily including FB page.

4 thoughts on “Good people are still seeking justice for Strushie the Miami Beach cat”

  1. I don’t know why I went looking but today I found out what really happened.
    His name was Kollias and Trump had him deported befor the case went to trial, Here are several links if you want to complete the story.
    Greek Man Accused of Killing ‘Strushie’ the Miami Beach Cat Deported
    ‘Strushie The Cat Day’ Honors Stray Killed By Crossbow
    What really sucks is the Hotel manager told Kolias to kill the cats and he was never held accountable from what I’ve seen.
    The old owner of the hotel made the new owner promise not to kill the 4 cats that lived behind the hotel. The manager also deleted the camera footage of Kollias shooting him. Read what the petition said. The petition is still up.

  2. I have been following Strushie’s story since April. The actions of the new Franklin Hotel Owners are appalling. It is easy to connect the dots, but somehow the Miami beach Police refuse to do so. Maybe they are being paid off? It is obvious that Lollias was put up to inflicting this fatal injury that took Strushie’s life. This is not the end. Hopefully Lollias will crack and reveal the truth. Either way, we will not give up on justice for Strushie. His life matters.

  3. boycott this hotel and write letters to the newspaper, put posters up about Strushie and the hotel owners asking the public to boycott this hotel


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