Halloween is approaching: Tips to keep your cats safe and sound!

Although Halloween is still about a fortnight away, before you can say “boo” the non-stop parade of adorable ghosts, goblins, witches and monsters will be roaming through neighborhoods. Some high spirited grown-ups may already be getting their costumes readied and placing their decorations strategically to join in on the fun. Many folks will be carving pumpkins, designing costumes and purchasing mountains of mouth-watering candy to offer these small ghosts, goblins and cute fairy princesses will be on their shopping lists.

Poe in the Basket
Edgar Allen Poe secure in a basket. Photo by Jo Singer.
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On Halloween, doorbells will be ringing incessantly with groups of children; sometimes accompanied by a parent, singing that old familiar refrain of “trick or treat” And while this holiday event can be lots of fun for humans, to keep cats safe, it is the annual night in which we must pay special attention to details.
Although we may generally get a kick out of this festive parade of costumed children, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will not be endearing to our kitties. Those masked “bandits” can frighten and disorient them. Additionally, the constant opening and closing of doors provides a tempting opportunity to escape, and the goodies that are in uncovered containers left near the door are highly dangerous and potentially deadly for our furry feline companions.

Is it possible to ensure a successful and secure Halloween- celebration evening? Of course it is. By observing a few cautionary measures, it will result in our cats’ safety and our heightened enjoyment of the fun, knowing that they are protected.

Here are a few simple tips to help keep cats safe and sound.

  1. Keep all kitties indoors on Halloween. Please remember that black cats are especially targeted for mischief and are at higher risk of injury or abuse.
    Kitties may be extremely frightened by masked and costumed masked visitors. They may become so scared that they may hide in places so secretive that they will be hard to find. Keep cats safely confined in a room away from noise and distractions. Kitties are far happier and more secure when tucked away in a familiar bedroom. Keeping your radio tuned into soft soothing music is an excellent idea.
  2. Lighted candles are attractive and add ambience to your Halloween decor, but are very dangerous cats have free run of the house. Curious kitties may accidentally knock over the candles and start a fire. Instead use artificial electric candles and jack-o-lanterns that flicker realistically; they are very safe.
  3. Leave your cat at home! If you plan to go trick-or-treating with your children, be sure to refrain from bringing your cat along. Some folks may have the mistaken idea that showing off a kitty wearing a costume would be fun, but strangers can easily frighten them; a sure-fire invitation for an escape! Most cats hate wearing costumes anyway, so by omitting your cat from the event is doing him/her a great favor.
  4. Keep all chocolate and artificially- sweetened candy away from cats. Chocolate is highly toxic, even in small amounts, artificial sweeteners and raisins are toxic to cats. While nuts are not poisonous, they can cause digestive upset and discomfort to cats.

Common sense goes a long way to make Halloween fun and entertaining. Keeping your cats safe and secure will make celebrating the night a lot less stressful and will enhance your enjoyment.

What plans do you make to keep your cats safe for Halloween? Please leave a comment with any further suggestions that work for you and your kitties.

2 thoughts on “Halloween is approaching: Tips to keep your cats safe and sound!”

  1. fortunately both of my elderly black cats are indoor cats.

    blessedly we do not get any trick or treaters – and haven’t for many years.

    • I think Halloween is one of those occassions when being an indoor cat is a big plus. I have learnt over the years the advantages of being an indoor cat.


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