Halloween video: fun and entertaining or abusive and objectionable?

Fun or abusive?

Halloween is sadly upon us 😒😎. This holiday season does lead to some cat abuse because of the link between black cats and Halloween. It is an unpleasant association at heart because it harks back to Medieval times and the chronic and widespread abuse of domestic cats for hundreds of years. Black cats are …

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Why are black cats associated with Halloween?

Black cats and Halloween

You can easily link black cats with the specific superstition that they were agents of the Devil. Some people still believe it. You can link black cats to witchcraft and cat familiars i.e. cats belonging to witches, but it is harder to link black cats to Halloween because Halloween is a celebration in which …

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Good or bad idea: Beat up on a black cat pinata for Halloween entertainment

Is this a good or bad idea? I thought I’d seen arguments about everything imaginable on Facebook when I came across cat skeleton pinatas for Halloween. On one side of the idea were people who think nothing is wrong with having a cat skeleton pinata or a black cat pinata at a Halloween party. …

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Halloween is approaching: Tips to keep your cats safe and sound!

Poe a cat in a basket

Although Halloween is still about a fortnight away, before you can say “boo” the non-stop parade of adorable ghosts, goblins, witches and monsters will be roaming through neighborhoods. Some high spirited grown-ups may already be getting their costumes readied and placing their decorations strategically to join in on the fun. Many folks will be …

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Halloween Is the Busiest Time of the Year For the Pet Poison Hotline

Black cat

Many people probably realise that Halloween is the busiest time of the year for the pet poison hotline.  Amongst all the different types of domestic cats that are outside during Halloween the black cat is the most vulnerable.  In general we know that as well because people are still superstitious and they still associate …

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