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Help me identify if my cats are Turkish Angora or not — 4 Comments

    • Hello Wendy, she is absolutely gorgeous. She’s very pretty. It is so nice to hear that you love her so much. She has the appearance of a purebred cat but to be honest it is almost certain that she is a random bred cat and therefore not a member of a cat breed.

      She does have the Van marking on her forehead. She has the appearance in fact of a Norwegian Forest cat in my view. She may have some mixed genes from various breeds. But you won’t know. She has this ruff which is the trademark of long-haired cats like the Norwegian Forest cat. She is a tabby-and-white mixed breed cat in my opinion. But absolutely gorgeous.

      Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you so vert much for your reply. Your reply has atleast given me an idea of what she may be mixed with. But no doubt i love her just the same. Thank you again for your reply.

  1. I dont know the breed of my cat. Shes 5 yrs old. Shes very small weighs 7 -8 lbs. She has markings of a van but im not sure. Im guessing possibly ragdoll or van. I adopted her they had her as a domestic short hair. Shes so very loving. Very playful. She follows me everywhere like a human child. I keep her indoors. Her fur is like silk. Im sending an image if someone could help me. I would appreciate it.

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