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Help me identify if my cats are Turkish Angora or not — 5 Comments

  1. I think you may have ‘Ragdoll’ cats – do they relax when you lift them up? Ragdoll is not always considered to be a ‘breed’ but for some groups they are. They contain Angora lineage along with other breeds, and display a lot of the angora behavior, like bossing their humans around, not liking closed doors, etc. They have the inverted ‘vee’ on the forehead, large round paws, and are white from chin to posterior.

    • Hello Wendy, she is absolutely gorgeous. She’s very pretty. It is so nice to hear that you love her so much. She has the appearance of a purebred cat but to be honest it is almost certain that she is a random bred cat and therefore not a member of a cat breed.

      She does have the Van marking on her forehead. She has the appearance in fact of a Norwegian Forest cat in my view. She may have some mixed genes from various breeds. But you won’t know. She has this ruff which is the trademark of long-haired cats like the Norwegian Forest cat. She is a tabby-and-white mixed breed cat in my opinion. But absolutely gorgeous.

      Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you so vert much for your reply. Your reply has atleast given me an idea of what she may be mixed with. But no doubt i love her just the same. Thank you again for your reply.

  2. I dont know the breed of my cat. Shes 5 yrs old. Shes very small weighs 7 -8 lbs. She has markings of a van but im not sure. Im guessing possibly ragdoll or van. I adopted her they had her as a domestic short hair. Shes so very loving. Very playful. She follows me everywhere like a human child. I keep her indoors. Her fur is like silk. Im sending an image if someone could help me. I would appreciate it.

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