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  1. We rescued 4 kittens and were told they may be Maine coons. Now we’re told they look like Turkish vans. They weigh from 16 to 20 pounds. Love to play in water. Love attention and grooming but are not lap cats.

      • Thank you for your response! It is nice to know his breed. His brother’s coloring was identical but he had a more flat face/nose. Do you think that indicates that they are a mix of breeds or is it just a variance in the Balinese breed? Thanks again!

        • Marissa, the thing is this. He has the appearance of a Trad Balinese but strictly speaking, in the West, you can’t say he is a Balinese without papers. Both are technically mixed breed (random bred) cats but clearly they carry genes that are the same as those in purebred cats. This is quite a complicated area because in Thailand (formerly Siam) there are cats like yours all over the place which in the West would not not called Siamese but random bred cats. Like yours they are random bred Siamese or Balinese cats rather than purebreds (on the basis that your cat is not purebred – he just might be for all I know). But without a pedigree we don’t know. Hope this ramble helps.

          • It does help! I appreciate the information. For me, it is not important to have a purebred cat. It is more that I am curious what his genetic background could be because I really like his personality and temperament. He seems to fit the Balinese description well, so I thank you for providing that information. That is very helpful!

  2. My kitty was found with his almost identical looking brother on the side of a highway. I am wondering what kind of cat he could be. My guess has been Ragdoll/Siamese. He has a very quiet meow but is vocal and he’s very affectionate and a lap cat.

  3. I have been teaching my babies from kittens to not eat of anyone but me and everyone said I couldn’t do it but I have with my black cat he won’t eat from anyone but me only thing is I can’t leave him for too long of he won’t eat but he goes everywhere with me anyway I will upload a picture of him round my neck live a scarf when I get my phone back anyway till next time thank you for your time and consideration

  4. Just want to warn cat lovers if anyone lives in East London UK look out for your fur babies because there is a crazy person poisoning cats and throwing them in bins RIP all of those already lost their lives. Try keep your cats in at nights it’s so sad they can’t be as free

  5. The only way to get a pure bred is to have insesuous cats. to breed family members now that’s wrong in any form my cats are beautiful and all mothers of fur babies will agree with the only people who want pure breads are people who don’t care about the cats just the money or status they think comes with it but most pure breads have lots of health problems due to inbreeding. When a female cat is in heat she only knows she has to mate she don’t know what it means or nor does she care it’s something that has to be done and they will do it with any male cat that comes along its not for pleasure only humans great apes and dolphins have sex for pleasure so come on guys just love your cats and don’t worry about things that are out of our control

  6. I’m curious about what breed of cat I have, I am wanting to get a new kitten of the same breed. She is a gray calico, talkitive when hungry, cuddles mostly for just warmth. Medium-shorthair. Green eyes. If you think u may be able to help pleas email me at idiotgeneral14@yaoo.com

    • Good luck Erin. I would seem that you have a beautiful random bred cat with a dilute or grey calico coat. That is my guess. She may be a pedigree purebred cat but you’d probably know if she was. Take care.

    • Hi Donna, from the information that you have provided it is not possible to tell what breed of cat you live with although it is more than likely that your cat is a longhaired random bred cat – i.e. not a breed of cat but I am guessing. Take care.

  7. I have two cats that are sisters. Both have an arrow shape design on the backs of their necks. Very distinctive. Both have had litters and all kittens had the arrow markings. Even the black kittens had a shadow of an arrow. Any idea what breed these cats are in.

    • Hi Dodie thanks for asking. You are referring to the markings on your cats’ coats. The type of cat coat does not provide information about the breed of cat because different cat breeds have the same sort of coat. The coat is an umbrella appearance characteristic covering all breeds.

      Without a picture, I’ll hazard a guess: your cats are tabby cats. Possibly mackerel tabbies. But there may be other factors which change that assessment. If you have a picture you might want to try and upload it.

      • You are actually wrong just like a Chantilly Tiffany has no undercoat and it only is allowed to be in the color of dark chocolate and it’s a semi-longhair coat

  8. I Have Two Cats Of The Same Breed Brother And Sister, The Boy Is Very Playfull And Loves Outdoors He Is Tan With a white belly white paws and some white on his face my cats arnt to fluffy. The girl is shy but really cuddly she is gray with small tan like markings.

  9. This is Stowie. She’s the only female of my 6 cats. She’s a tortie tabby pattern, but I’m not sure of her breeding. I think she’s an American Short Hair moggie. She was found with Hitch when they were kittens. I rescued her and Hitch when they were a year old and they will be 6 in May.

    • Stowie again. She’s not as talkative as her brother Hitch, but when she wants attention she demands it. She and Hitch also take turns babysitting Lucky to keep him out of trouble. Parker is the one who grooms Lucky within an inch of his life, and Dino is the one who is always playing tag with Lucky.

  10. This is the newest kitten. Lucky. I think he’s part Bombay due to his build. His foster momma thinks he’s part Oriental due to how sharp his features were when he was smaller.

    • Here he is about to pounce a stuffed tiger toy. Both his eyes are yellow gold. The camera made his eye look green due to the flash.

  11. This is Hitch. He’s a smokey black tabby. That much I do know. He’s the one we believe to be a long tailed Manx cross, since he’s very talkative, clingy, and demanding all at once.

  12. Here are pictures of Dino. I think he’s part Maine Coon. I don’t think he’s a pure bred, but I got him from a rescue group like I did with Parker. Actually I got them both at the same time.

  13. I’m trying to figure out what other breeds my other 5 cats are. You identified Parker as a bobtailed Turkish Van a few months ago.

    Here’s the first one. Blitzen = Blitz for short.

    Just because the size of his paws and his shape I’m thinking he has some Norwegian Forrest Cat mixed with short hair in him. His fur is rather course. He has a very loud purr and meow. He’s friendly and out going. He’ll be 13 in May.

    • Hi Frost. Thanks for uploading some many correctly sized photos πŸ˜‰ . It certainly helps. I am impressed by your well-loved cats. I’ll respond more fully later if I may. I am a bit pushed for time right now.

      • Not a problem. I look forward to hearing what you say my cats are. I know they aren’t purebred cats with maybe the exception of Parker. If you have any questions about their personalities I’d be happy to answer them.

  14. Can you tell me what my cat might be or at least if he has a little flame point Balinese somewhere down his line? My parent found him as a tiny kitten under a bush a couple of years back. He’s great. He’s playful, intelligent, has a soft meow, talks a lot and is a purr machine. Thank you.

    • Hi Nicole, I’ll probably respond more fully later but my feeling is that he is a flame pointed traditional Siamese mix (his coat is a little long to be purebred Siamese). He is lynx pointed in fact. You could say he is red lynx pointed Siamese but someone else might like to comment on that.

      A lovely cat. Genuinely flame (red) pointed and therefore Siamese. But not purebred because not registered. He has a traditional appearance (the old-style Siamese appearance).

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      • Michael thank you for your quick response. I was wondering if there was Siamese in him. I had one vet tell me he was a Himalayan mix because of the coat length but I just couldn’t see it in the face. My husband calls him “the longest kitty ever” since he always sleeps stretched out and flat and since his body and tail seem unusually long compared to our domestic short-haired tabbies. Thank you again and I would look forward to any additional comments.


        • His coat is too short for a Himmie. It is closer to a Siamese. In fact the Siamese of Thailand (Siam) don’t have the super-sleek coats of purebred Siamese so your cat’s coat is truer to what exists on the streets of Siam.

          There are pointed random bred cats in the USA and UK etc. too but they are fairly rare in my opinion. An important point is this: the Siamese cat in Siam, now Thailand, is random bred just like your cat. They don’t have purebred cats as we do in the West. There are some purebred Siamese there but you’ll see Siamese street cats. So your cat is like the sort of cat you’ll see in Thailand today and in the past. Most are seal point however. Your cat is, in one way, more true to the roots of Siamese cats.

  15. Hi I’m Robin, this is my cat Smokie..does anyone recognize what kind of cat he is? He has a few white hairs under his neck. Thank for any comments. Just curious. ..

    • Hi Robin, Your pic didn’t upload. It may be too large. As the article states it is almost certain that your cat is a random bred cat. The main reason why I can say that is because if you had a purebred cat you’d know about it. That said sometimes people do adopt purebred-mix cats or even purebred from shelters but it is unusual. Thanks for popping by the website.

    • Hi Sherilea. Beautiful cat because of the gorgeous coat which looks like a black smoke (the top part of the hair strands are dark and the bottom part is light). But the cat is almost certainly a random bred cat meaning not a member of a cat breed. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I have my cat which he is orange and white but with no stripes whatsoever.
    The vet (his doctor) said the first time she saw him that he is an old purebred egyptian cat.
    Very uncommon now and days.
    What breed is my cat?

    • Hi, thanks for showing us your orange and white cat. I have had a good look at your photo and he seems to be a solid orange (red) and white random bred cat meaning not part of a cat breed. He does have an interesting and nice coat but I don’t understand what your vet means that he is an old Egyptian cat.

      For the record there are no formal cat breeds in Egypt. They don’t have a cat fancy there and purebred cats are not registered as pedigree cats but they do have feral Egyptian Maus which are spotted tabby street cats – the feral cat version of the purebred Egyptian Mau.

  17. Please let me know what breed is my cat. He/She just appeared on my doorsteps , i don’t even know the gender :). or the age. The eyes were of different colours. One black and the left is yellow. Has wide paws.

    • Hello Olivia. Thank you for visiting and asking. Your cat is a mackerel tabby cat. You can find out the sex of your cat by reading this page. I hope it helps you. Your cat is not a breed of cat but the random bred cat. That does not mean that he or she is less of a cat, quite the contrary because random bred cats are generally more healthy and live longer lives than pedigree cats which you may know already. When we say a cat is a β€œtabby cat” we are referring to the type of coat and not a cat breed. Thanks once again for visiting and showing us your superb tabby.

      His left eye seems to be slightly closed. We may have an infection but I can’t tell for sure.

  18. Hi Michael. This is the picture of Pookie. It’s not the best one I have of him, but it is the only one that shows the silver coat around his neck…His silver, winter coat had not grown in yet on his shoulders or underbelly…I resized his picture. Hope it works.

  19. This is my sweet Pookie. He is a domestic medium/long hair, depending on the season. Rescued from the Humane Society, his picture from the on-line adoption page just haunted me, until I went and got him. He looks huge, but when we have him shaved into a lion-cut for the summer, he really is quite small. He has shorter than average legs, a rounded face, and large, rounded, golden eyes. He has all the usual traits of a DLH, ear tufts, toe tufts, fluffy tail & a full ruff. But what I find different, from my other two DLH cats, is his extra layer of silver fur,that appears in the winter, around his neck and shoulders, and under belly, and the fact that his age and stature do not prevent him from being the Alfa cat of my home..What distinction do you think he has in his ancestry? Thank you for having this page.I find it very interesting, and agree, that most cats are of mixed breed. A true cat lover, Sharon Duffy

    • Hi Sharon. Thanks for sharing. Could you re-upload your photo but make it smaller? It was too large to upload. Sorry for that. You can do it online and find out how by clicking on the link below the comment box.

      I get the impression that your much loved cat Pookie has some interesting genes inside him. He may have some purebred cat in him. He seems to have a very fancy coat. The characteristics you describe indicate Maine Coon (the ruff, toe tufts, plumed tail). Ear tufts are common with longer haired cats.

      The Maine Coon is a medium longhaired American barn cat – a moggie at heart converted to a pedigree cat. The blood of the Maine Coon ancestors going back 400 years are everywhere in the US.

      The Persian is more manufactured. I’d love to see a picture.

  20. Rescued this little girl from going to the pound. But she has some beautiful features and I was wondering if she is a certain breed. She has long toes, ear tufts, stripes on body but spots on belly. She’s not very big either.

  21. Can you tell me the likely breed of my cat? I’m sure he’s mixed. He is very large in size, but really not that fat. He is pretty lazy, sometimes playful when he wants to be, he purrs very loudly and he is VERY vocal. He hates when large amounts of people come to the house and doesn’t really like people except me. He loves me. Sometimes he will snuggle with me but usually he chills out by himself. He loves boxes. He puts up with other animals but really doesn’t like them too much. He is very smart and gets what he wants because he knows how to get it. His coat is a medium length. He is rather territorial.

    • Hi Hadleigh. You have described the perfect domestic cat. He is a random bred orange (red) tabby cat. They are popular and tend to be be boss cats. He is not a cat from a breed of cats. Don’t let that upset you because cat breeds are a human invention and totally artificial. Your boy is genuine and as nature intended.

      Thanks for visiting and asking.

    • Hi Chara. Your cat’s coat is tortoiseshell and white. These are called calico cat in the USA. They are nearly always female cats because the genes that create the coat type are sex linked. Your cat then has a certain sort of coat and she is very attractive but she is not part of a cat breed. She is what is called a random bred cat or mixed breed cat. That is not to say that she is not as good as a purebred pedigree cat. She is just as good, obviously. I hope this helps and thank you very much for visiting and asking.

    • H Miranda. Your cat is a random bred cat and therefore not a member of a cat breed but…he has Turkish Van type markings. There are some Van genes in him (based on Western principles). If you read this page it discusses the topic more. Thanks for visiting and asking.

  22. I rescued a kitten. I thought he was a Siamese mix, but now I’m wondering if he is Ragdoll. Almost 3 months old, 3 labs. Can you tell me by these pictures.

    • Hi Could be either I think. Could also be a traditional Balinese (longhaired Siamese) although the body conformation is quite stocky indicating more like the Ragdoll. Could be an applehead Siamese mix with medium long fur.

      There are still lots of pointed cats in Thailand (formerly Siam) some of which will be like your cat I suspect. I would just say he is a pointed cat. Very handsome too.

      Thanks for visiting and showing us your lovely pointed cat.

  23. Help I have no clue what kind of cat my baby is he is black and pretty big in weight and he has a shiny black coat and he only comes when i make his bowl of food but he love’s to be rubbed and he waits in the window for me when i leave but he sleeps more THAN anything he Love to sleep and eat oh and his furr sheds when i pet him but when i pet him he purrs a lot help what kind of bread is this

    • Hi Shateele. You love your cat. I can tell by the way you write about him. He’ll almost certainly not be a member of a cat breed but a random bred cat. This is because even without seeing a photograph of him my assessment is highly likely to be true because relative to the number of random bred cats there are very few purebred pedigree cats and you have to be a pedigree purebred cat to be a member of a cat breed in the West meaning in America and Europe. Also, for a cat to be a breed of cat he or she has to be registered with a cat Association and if that was the case you would know about it. But thanks a lot for commenting and asking and always remember that even if your cat is not a pedigree cat he is still beautiful and he is still loved.

  24. Hi! We are trying to figure out what breed out cat is. He is about 4 years old and weighs 10-11 pounds. In the picture he weighed 8 pounds as he was ill when we adopted him. He has a loud meow and is playful and gentle. We were thinking a mix of Siberian or Maine coon?

    what breed is my cat

    • Hi Carlee, I have straightened out your photograph. I hope you don’t mind. He certainly looks like he might have some Maine Coon in him. That is the most likely assessment. Of course, officially he is a random bread or mixed-breed cat because even if a cat has some Maine Coon genes in him without being registered with a cat Association and without having a pedigree, in the West, he could not be classified officially as a member of a cat breed.

      I don’t think that that matters that much. He’s a superb looking cat with a very cute face. He is a brown medium long-haired tabby cat with a little patch of white it seems. Thank you for sharing and asking and also showing us your beautiful cat.

      • Hi Bella. The truth is there are beautiful grey cats like this one who are not part of a cat breed but random bred cats. This is normal. Whether a cat is a breed of cat or not is a complicated question. It really is but…in the West (US and Europe) all cats who are part of a cat breed are registered with a cat association. That is the guide.

        This grey cat looks like a Korat – a cat from Asia.

    • Interesting appearance. Technically speaking this kitten is a tabby and white random bred domestic cat. But what breeders call “glasses” or white fur around the eyes gives this kitten a hint of the wild leopard cat which is the wild cat parent of the first filial Bengal cat. Well, there you are then maybe it is a Bengal cat in this cute little kitten. Take care.

    • Your cat has the appearance of a traditional Balinese mix. That means he or she is a long-haired Siamese mix. By the word β€œmix” I mean your cat has some non-purebred non-pedigree genes in him or her but the overall appearance is one of a long-haired Siamese cat of traditional appearance which means not very slender. Lovely cat. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Molly. Your sweet little kitten is a random bred tabby and white cat. Your kitten is not a pedigree, purebred cat. But do not be upset by that because random bred cats are as good as any pedigree purebred cat. For a cat to be a member of a cat breed, he or she needs to be registered with a cat Association and she also needs to have a pedigree, meaning parents grandparents and great grandparents who are all purebred cats and who are all registered with the cat Association. I hope this helps and you have a lovely cat.

  25. My cat is diffrent colors it is mostly white brown and black and her baby’s had white spots on there privets please tell me what breed my cat is!!!!

    • Hi, your cat is almost certainly not a cat breed. That is not a criticism. Random bred cats are just as good as pedigree cats. Nearly all of the world’s cats are not part of a cat breed. The coat type and colour is not relevant. Thanks for asking.

    • Hi Angelica. Your kitty is very sweet looking. She has a tabby and white coat. She is not a cat that belongs to a cat breed, however. Only about 10% of cats are pedigree cats in the USA. We don’t know the percentage. America has the highest percentage of pedigree cats as well. In some countries they are almost unheard of.

      That alone tells you that if one does not know if one’s cat is pedigreed and part of a cat breed then it is likely she is not.

      To be part of a cat breed a cat has to be recorded on a cat registry’s database. That is what makes then officially a cat that belongs to a cat breed.

      Also when you’ve seen lots of cat pictures including many purebred pedigree cats you can tell when a cat belongs to a cat breed and what breed it is. Your sweet cat is as good as any expensive pedigree cat but she is not a member of a cat breed, she is a random bred, freeborn cat in my honest opinion: a classic shorthaired grey tabby and white cat.

      Thanks for sharing and asking.

  26. hi , my kitten has a grey head white nose , white all over except for her tail which is grey and black stripes and she has grey patches on her back, I am wondering if she was a breed

  27. My cat is orange ish red with white and has long hair and green eyes. her nose is pink with black spots on it she also has spots in her mouth. she is extremely vocal and is always at my side. Sometimes it sounds like she says “mama.” Do you know what she is?

    • Hi Jessica, she is a very nice coat and interesting pattern on her face. Unusual.

      It is hard to talk about cat breeds because in truth there are no purebred cats. The cat breed cats are mashed up breeds because of breeding policies.

      If you are in America then you cat may have some Maine Coon genes in her. Do forget that Maine Coons were freeborn farm cats at one time.

      She may even have some Siamese in her giving her the vocal side of her personality.

      We don’t know. Experts would say she is a random breed (mixed breed) cat. She is a bicolor cat. She looks like a red tabby and white possibly dilute red.

      Thanks for showing us your great looking cat.

      • Ok, thank you. I have always wondered about her. And now I know. Thank you. I do agree with the idea that she may have Siamese In her. I do also agree about the tabby as well. I started doing research last night and found that the the black spots on her nose are typically found in orange tabbies. Thanks so much!

  28. OK, I have a white and orange longhair cat, She is very vocal she has green eyes and a pink nose with little black spots all over it. She even has little black spots in her mouth as well. The orange almost seems as if it has a red tent to it. Maine coin?

  29. Hi Hande. re.- Fake Angoras – pedigree, but no real thing.
    You are one of the very few people who have got a handle on this matter.
    I sent a lot of Turkish And Cyprus samples to those Leslie Lyons studies and am in a position to see how they were distorted to suit the cat fancy’s artificial view of things. The most severe problem is that she begins with the assumption that American CFA and TICA cats are the original Turkish Angoras and vans simply because they are stated as such on their pedigrees. Consequently genuine Angoras from Turkey are identified as DIFFERENT from the cat fancy fake Angoras and thus not Angoras. A ten year old child can see the fallacy in that. That is plain stupid. Never-the-less there are much respected people now discrediting this nonsense as follows.- http://www.messybeast.com/dna-studies-critique.htm

    Incidentally random-bred Angora samples from Cyprus, up to 98% pure, proved better than Ankara Zoo samples 73% pure. There are samples from Marmaris that vary from 56 -98% pure. The American Angora is a concoction of American and British cat fancy breeds plus the Siamese and E Mau, and generally have only very low trace remnants of the foundation Angoras. The attached phylogenetic tree is by L Lyons herself and contradicts her crazy conclusions that ” The Turkish Angora breed contains the most representative cats of Turkey”. She writes one thing for the cat fancy and a different thing for the scientific community but with some overlap to add confusion.
    In effect we have the random-bred street cats of Cyprus and Turkey being very pure Turkish Angoras whereas the “pure bred” pedigree “Angoras” of the cat fancy are proven to be a mishmash of all kinds of breeds which are not even Turkish.

  30. My lovely cat was born a year ago and im curious as to what breed she is she has a Siamese face which is slightly pointy and jet black she is only small and has grey white and black fur she looks like she has a perm that needs to be redone can anyone help me identify her breed please?

    • Hi Claire. You’d probably know if your cat was a purebred, pedigree cat because her mother would be a purebred cat and probably/possibly registered with a cat association. That is not certain but likely. From your description it appears she has some Siamese genes in her and possibly some rex genes because you mention that her coat is permed.

      There are many rex cats both pedigree cats and random bred cats. A well know American cat breed that has permed hair is the LaPerm. The classic rex cat is the Devon Rex. Conclusion: your cat is a random bred cat with rex and Siamese genes. Interesting. My conclusion is not necessarily conclusive! Just my thoughts.

  31. My cat is orange with strips and has no white on him! He was found at my bf cousins house as a young kitten! It was a good time because I really wanted one at the time! He turned out to be the best cat ever he loves to lay on my chest and pure real loud! He also loves to tunnel under things and is hyper sometimes I don’t blame him hes only two! Hes also is very alert of his surroundings and is very loving and rarely ever hisses and only really meows to get food or say hi lol! Just wonder what breed he could be

    • Your loving cat is a random bred red tabby cat. These are good cats. He is almost certainly not a cat that is part of a cat breed. He’ll be a moggie, random bred cat. Enjoy his company and his character.

  32. In July 2012 I got a stray black and white shorthair. This makes him Nine months now. He went from kitten to full grown cat size, literally, overnight. His name is Joker since he’s got all the black markings except in his face, looks like he’s wearing “The Joker’s” Make-up. He’s got short hair, also looks like he stepped in some deep puddles of white paint. Hopefully I can post his picture here. (1231121058.jpg) What breed or breeds is he?????
    Your animal ID was A1648001

  33. i just got me a kitty and was told it was a tabby i have a few pictures can u tell me wht he is how do i send in a apicture

    • I have a cat he’s name is Charlie. I been searching internet or youtube. What kind of breed he is: He has like white mustache like Hitler. His feet white. My cat he is Gray&White. Very smart cat he loves to be pet alot. I went look at this types of cats:Snowshoes, and Classy Tuxedo. But they look different colors.

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