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How can I make my cat a lap cat? — 5 Comments

  1. You can encourage cats to be “lap” cats, but yeah, “make” isn’t the right word or attitude. They need to like you, be around you and feel safe and comfortable close to you. There are many things that go into that, so it isn’t a “trick” I think. It’s something that all the other things achieved, it might be they just hadn’t thought of it or feel they need your invitation. A cat might love you as much as you’d like but simply doesn’t like to do that. Other cats might do it to try to make the bond more than it is… make YOU more of a person who’d want that closeness. But I think it’s mostly that you make the relationship all it can be in the first place. If they feel good being close to you but they don’t do that yet, maybe you just need to make your lap available and make them notice it more, but you can’t make your cat a lap cat as if that’s all there is to making a great relationship.

  2. My furbabies are NOT lap cats! And I wouldn’t try to make them into something they are not by choice or genes. Howie prefers to occupy the pillow next to mine, Thor doesn’t like to be around me unless he wants it, so he sets his own ways. He likes to sleep on top of my legs-very uncomfortable . Thomasina slips under the covers and settles by my side for a short time. Kutawnnie likes her beds by the windows. Guy likes the bed on the chest, where he can survey everyone. Joy prefers to sleep in her carrier. Every once in awhile, they’ll change everything around-I think they want to see if I pay attention to where each is. It’s their choice and I find it stimulating to keep up with their likes and dislikes.

    • Susan, I like you attitude and I am the same. If a cat is a lap cat that’s great but if not that’s fine too. My cat loves my lap. He likes to come under the covers as well for about 20 mins. He might do it twice a night. He sleeps on my legs at night – uncomfortable as you say! I have to move after a while otherwise I seize up 😉

  3. I think people who want their cats to be lap cats don’t know what they wish for. My previous cat wasn’t a lap cat, but at some point she started to enjoy just lie near me on the sofa.
    One of my current cats is a lap cat. But I think what people who want their cat to be a lap cat don’t get is that lap cats don’t come to your laps when you want to or when it’s convenient for you. They do it when they want it, and it often happens in the worst possible moment for you: where you are trying to read, they might lie across your book, when you were just about to get up to go to the bathroom, etc.

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