How many hairs on a cat?

An average domestic cat has 30 million hairs. My calculation is based on very loose measurements of my cat. In fact I have not measured him. I have simply decided that his body is about 15 inches long and the circumference of his body is also about 15 inches. The average cat has 130,000 strands of hair per square inch.

Maine Coon Fire Storm

Maine Coon Fire Storm.

My cat’s body is 225 square inches (15 x 15). If you multiply that figure by the number of hair strands per square inch you come to the figure of 30 million if you add in 750,000 hair strands for the tail, head, neck and legs.

I have rounded the figure because it will vary obviously between individual cats. The key piece of information is the number of hair strands per square inch. All you have to do is measure your cat in inches. From that you can work out the area of your cat in square inches and this figure is then multiplied by 130,000.

Now the puzzle is: how many hairs on a Sphynx? It is not zero. Sphynx cats have bum fluff over them but it is sparse. I’d expect the number of hair strands to be a fraction of 30m and add in ten whiskers.

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  1. I’m up for the challenge. My Sphynx won’t sit still. My husband suggests to take a picture and count from there. The problem is the scale of the picture and, of course, the distortion since she’s a study in movement. 🙂

    • 🙂 Tell me can you see the fine hairs on her skin? Can u photograph it? I have held a Sphynx at a cat show but have never lived with one.

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