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Huge Ear Polyp Removed From Cat — 16 Comments

  1. Cashmere is doing well even though he still has a sever head tilt he is able to jump up and is making up for lost time playing! Cashmere goes back to Dr Rutledge on Monday to have the plug removed from his ear. They will take another culture to see if he has any remaining infection and check his ear drum for damage or extra scar tissue that can be repaired or removed. Which will help him keep his head upright! He has several more vet appointmants coming up and only 7 more days for his fundraiser!

  2. All very sad when ear mites are such a quick fix with a 2 cent topical application of Ivermectin.
    Even the poorest of the poor should be able to come up with 2 pennies.

  3. In addition there is a lot of poverty and rural areas here in North and South Carolina, not many laws protecting animals and if there are laws they are not enforced! The people loved the cat just poor and not educated in animal welfare! When the owner met the volunteer who drove 100 miles to pick up Cashmere he did not have a cats carrier at all so he cleaned out a huge outdoor garbage can and bungie corded it to keep the cat safe in the car! The volunteer thought what does he have in there a lion, no just little 5 lb Cashmere(we named him Cashmere because they told us it was a female)!

  4. I thought the polyp was a dead Sphinx kitten when I first saw it. My friend posted the photo as a message and left me to guess what is was 🙂

    Then I remembered Cashmere had been scheduled for surgery.

    • It is huge as you say. I don’t wish to be ungenerous but do you think the cat’s owner could have taken a more responsible attitude towards the health and welfare of these cats including Cashmere?

      • It’s owners like this that rescues and animal advocates just want to take and shake or strangle. All of the cats were outside due to someone in the family having allergies. There are a LOT of coyotes in the south who just love to eat little kitties and this family did nothing until Cashmere was the only one left. Most cats in the Carolina/Georgia area aren’t safe outdoors between the wild animals and snakes. These people should never have had a cat. And that Cashmere had “siblings” pretty much says no spay/neuter going on there.

  5. Link was working when I tried it just now.

    Please stick my name on it somewhere. I think this article will be an eye-opener for a lot of people.

  6. What strikes me is that when cats live outdoors they get all kinds of diseases. Why do stray cats live such short lives because of sickness when wild cats living in their natural habitat live longer?

    Anyway, Cashmere must have endured a lot of discomfort and I feel for him. It is sad to think about it but pleasing that good people have put him on the path to health. I hope he gets completely better.

    • We could tell which of our cats lived outside before they came to us. Furby, Mandy, Jasper, Sammy, Sheela, Shirley and Sealy. The rest had clean ears and smelled of perfume so they weren’t outdoor cats.

    • I do between 15-20 of the donation article each week if I can find the time. There are always people out there willing to help. If not through the YouCaring link then direct pay to the vet.

    • May I share my own observation

      Stray cats or feral cats live a small span of life… TRUE
      Wild cats live a long life….TRUE

      Now the point is that cats are cats in nature but the difference between wild and household cats is huge.

      What I have observed that The tiny household cats are not born to just leave them alone in the wild and so on…The big wild cats are not born to live within homes.

      Now the fact is that…

      BIG CAT = Big space, big quantity of food and in open natural atmosphere for the reason which they are born with special technical care not like we just get it in our arms and go to the vet.

      SMALL CATS (Household stray, feral etc.) = Small space, small food requirement, within care, and never let them out without yourself being watching them all the time. Means they are born for limited reasons and are not as intelligent as BIG CATS are for hunting, NOP! never, what if they hunt any dangerous species and then dead or sick. They are soft and much sensitive.

      So, what I mean, It does not matter whether they look similar to each others being cats but every specie is born for different reason and care level. With their own technical way. Household cats can be cared by a non-vet like us but what about Big CATS???? can a non technical related to that cat person or even a simple vet can hold on that BIG CAT????

      ANSWER: NO never.

      Conclusion: Though bot are cats, but at the difference of a sky and earth. 🙂 <3

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