I found a cat and he has moved into my heart

I found a cat and he has moved into my heart

by Robert J Bennett
(Elmhurst, Illinois)

I never had a cat. I rarely paid attention to cats. I am not a “pet person”. My neighbor told me there is a cat that sits under her car and she fears she may back up over it.

I bent down and talked to the cat. He followed me across the street. I offered him American cheese and liver sausage on my patio. I put a bowl of water inside the door. When the cat came inside , I phoned the police.

I took the cat to the nearby Vet. The cat has a microchip that told me he was born on 11/4/04. His name is Oliver. He ran away from home almost two months before I met him.

He has moved into my heart. I had a long conversation with his owners. Oliver was an “only cat” Now there are three children. The youngest of which is also Oliver!

Today I am living with a “stray cat”. It is a wonderful feeling. I wonder what is going on in his cat mind. Oh, by the way, the medical history identifies Oliver as a Russian Blue cat.

When I first saw him, I realized he has a very short tail. Since we had not been introduced, I began calling him Bob (as in cut short) Cat. Since my name is Robert, I like calling him Oliver Bob Cat and he doesn’t seem to mind.


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I found a cat and he has moved into my heart

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Sep 27, 2011
To Robert
by: Ruth

Oliver Bob Cat is much better off with you Robert than in his previous home!

It sounds to me a typical case of the cat being the baby in the family until the ‘real’ babies come along.

He was obviously unhappy and probably pestered by the children and confused too about which Oliver was being talked to.

To give a new baby the name already belonging to the cat makes it seem to me he wasn’t very valued.

I hope you and Bob have many happy years together, you’ll soon be wondering how ever you lived before without a cat in your home.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 27, 2011
by: Kitty Novich

Congratulations on the new member of your family! Along with the wonderful advice that Michael gave, I would like to add a few things. I hope you don’t mind. Cats like to be up high. Please don’t get upset if you find him on top of your refridgerator. This is normal behavior. Please invest in a quality scratching post. It should be tall and covered in sisal. This is the material cats prefer to scratch on. You can also build your own, if you have the skills. If you have imagination and skills, go nuts!! If you would like a closer bond with Oliver, an interactive toy is ideal. A feather on the end of a stick, a “fishing pole” with a toy on the string is a lot of fun for both of you! If you worry about litter box odor, clean the box often. Two boxes is ideal for one cat.

Good luck to you both. I hope you and Oliver Bob Cat have a long, healthy, happy life together.

Sep 27, 2011
Hi Robert
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing your sweet little story. I enjoyed it because it had a nice ending!

I am sure Oliver Bob Cat is very content because you love him and that means you treat him well.

For me there are three basics. Check for fleas (groom and flea comb, 32 teeth to the inch). Feed him well – high quality food. Give him plenty of TLC – tender loving care.

And be aware of his health so you can act fast if things go wrong.

I am glad you rescued him. I think you did well. He has a short tail which would indicate that he is not a purebred Russian Blue but a blue/gray random bred cat. I bet he looks pretty smart though.

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