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I rescued an all four paws declawed Manx cat — 2 Comments

  1. Please help me find my Denim! He was accidentally let out by friends on May 18, 2012… A part of me is missing and I need to find him. He belonged to my Sister before he was given to us, my sister was a victim of homicide in March 2012 and while going back and forth out of state to handle her affairs, Denim got out. It would mean so much to me to find my Denim!

    He is Declawed (front and back), neutered and has a broken tail. His eyes are as blue as Denim!
    He was wearing tags, but the phone number was no good, I had recently changed it.

    **** I will pay a $ 1,000.00 reward for his safe return…..NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!.

    I love you Denim and I miss you so much!!!!

    • I wish you and Denim the best of luck. There is a small chance someone could see your request for help. It is a sad story. Personally I can’t help.

      You might consider emailing me with the full story about him and about losing him and I’ll create a full page for you which would be seen by the public more easily.

      My email is mjbmeister[at]gmail.com – change the [at] for @

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