If I get my kids a cat or two they will be declawed

If I get my kids a cat or two they will be declawed

by mommyof2

Declawed cat from a rescue center - photo by Muffet (Flickr)

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Declawed cat from a rescue center - photo by Muffet (Flickr)

I had a cat when I was younger that out of no where would attack me when walking around the corner!

One day she got me REALLY good! I've still got scars!

I'm thinking of getting my kids a cat or two! and if i do they will be INDOOR only cats and Yes they will be declawed!

i will not have an animal hurt my babies like i was hurt! and if they are indoor cats they really don't need them for defense! and that will save both of us!

The cats messing up my furniture or hurting my kids and me hurting the cat!


If I get my kids a cat or two they will be declawed to Declawing cats

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If I get my kids a cat or two they will be declawed

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Apr 11, 2011 Cat Mommy
by: Ruth

I love your comments !

Apr 10, 2011 Selfish Narcicisstic Hater
by: CatMommy

Your arrogance and confrontational statements posted on a cat lover site tells us that you are a lonely pathetic excuse for a woman looking for attention. What a poor excuse for a mother and the worst role model for your kids in teaching them to be selfish and disregard the suffering of animals to save your furniture. Stay away from animals and get a pet rock. You deserved to be clawed and if you ever do get cats, I hope they bite your nose off.

Aug 27, 2010 Karma Is A Bitch
by: Anonymous

"How we behave towards cats here below determines our status in Heaven."

May 30, 2010 Mommyof2
by: Anonymous

I want to know why you have visited this site. You must have known the reaction you would get. You must not only be a very cruel person but a sick one who badly needs help. Do not buy any animals until you have seen a shrink!

I dont think that you should ever have pets, let alone children. What in hell are they going to grow up like? You sdould be teaching them to respect all life and that you do not cause unneccessary pain on defenceless animals.

If you go ahead with your plan and have your cats declawed, than watch out something really awful will hapen to you. Because people like you always get their just deserts.

May 29, 2010 Sicko
by: Blackbob

"The Humane Society of the United States opposes declawing except for the rare cases when it is necessary for medical purposes, such as the removal of cancerous nail bed tumors."



Declawing of domestic cats should be considered only after attempts have been made to prevent the cat from using its claws destructively or when its clawing presents a zoonotic risk for its owner(s).


How can you justify planning to declaw two kittens that you haven't even seen or chosen yet?

You need urgent, psychological help!

May 29, 2010 Hang on
by: MW

Hang on a bit mommy dear,you can't plan ahead to have cats declawed,there has to be good reason for it.

It's not an optional operation to take sharp bits off animals to make them into defenceless playthings,it's major surgery to chop off ten toe ends.

Cats wake up in agony,well think if you woke up and your finger ends had gone and you were forced to use your hands straight away.

Even though you hate cats like poison(God knows why you want to get some)surely you wouldn't put a cat through that?

If you would even now you know exactly what it means then you really are the cruel moron everyone else thinks you are.

So mommy dear,get your kids something not living or feeling because a real live animal in your hand would live a life of hell.

May 29, 2010 Have you got the picture yet?
by: Fran

Well mommy I think you'll have got the picture by now.That's if you aren't a sad little troll who thinks talking about abusing cats on a cat lovers site is thriling.

If you aren't a troll then you are even lower in my estimation.

Anyone planning to'get'a cat or two and declawing them as if it's OK only proves how much you hate cats.

Declawing is for LAST RESORT,it's NOT for making soft toys for kids to maul.Heaven help yours if they grow up thinking things can be altered for them,they've got a lot of shocks coming in their lives.

Now be a responsible mommy,get your kids some toys,leave real live animals for people who really love and appreciate them and what they need.

They don't need you and your spiteful intentions.

What if you lived in a country where declawing is already banned?You don't want cats with claws so you wouldn't get cats would you?

I can't wait for the day when people like you don't have the power to ruin cats lives any more and it's coming,oh yes,it's not only the people here who hate people like you,there are millions more out there who do also.

Get used to it mommy,you are one of a few miserable cat abusers who have almost had their day.

May 28, 2010 Listen to Yourself
by: Merrily

You said......" And that will save both of us, The cat messing up my furniture or hurting my kids, And ME HURTING THE CAT!!!!!

Oh My God are you saying in addition to the pain and agony of declawing your cat that you actually would abuse your cat?????

Perhaps that is what happend when your kitten attacked you many years ago?

Why do people like you insist on getting a cat so that your kids can abuse it just the same as you will? If you have so much unresolved anger please see a shrink instead and find some toys for your kids to abuse.

May 28, 2010 Just a question......
by: Maggie Sharp

Just a question to 'mommyof2' that I think we are all wonderding... Why exactly do you want a cat?

Most people add a cat to their family so they can love and cherish the cat as their companion and as another family member, when someone 'gets' a cat the only thing on their mind isn't usually declawing, as it seems to be in your case... So, other than to declaw the cat, why exactly do you want to 'own' a cat?

May 28, 2010 No one give's a damn about your brats
by: Tracey (England)

You don't want the cats to hurt your brats well what about your brats hurting defenceless animals? You'd probably enjoy watching that wouldn't you?

I'll bet you are a complete low life aren't you? Its obvious from your comment 'I'll get my kids a cat or two'

Tell you what I think? You came on here to get our backs up. You're a sick twisted loser and I too would love to meet you and teach you a lesson about claws because yes humans scratch too and not always accidentally.

You sad silly little sicko.

May 28, 2010 Don't bother, they'll bite you!
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Well mommyof2, in my not so humble opinion you should not bother having cats. Once they have been declawed they'll bite you and foul your sofa. Read on in the article 'Some Advice on Surgically Improving Your Cat'.

In my country declawing is not allowed. We have healthy kids, good furniture and our cats have all of their claws. People here see your declawing as something almost as barbaric as the female genital mutilation practiced in certain deprived countries...

Finn Frode avatar

May 28, 2010 Get a pit bull
by: Colin

Oh yes such a wondeful mommy you are,planning to cripple kittens,using the excuse of your offspring and furniture.

Go get yourself a pit bull,it might be brave enough to stand up to a bully like you.

May 28, 2010 I agree man
by: Edward

I agree with everyone else man,you shouldnt get a cat.

You sound so angry and seem determined that any cat you did get would suffer for it.

Why get a cat to make it suffer,I dont understand you.

I was born into a household with cats,I grew up with cats,I have cats,I never got scratched.My parents taught me tro respect cats man and I still do.

Teach your kids the valuable lesson that cats come with claws cos they need them,yes indoor cats too.

Dont plan to take your simmering ange against a cat years ago out on a little kitten or two now cos if you do then I agree with those who say you are either mentaly disturbed or a cat abuser.

May 28, 2010 What!
by: Loca Liisa

Your just an idiot. I can not believe you can't train your cat or teach your children and visitors and family members to respect you pet and know what to do and not what to do. Simply lazy on your part as a pet owner. Get fish or a frog or turtle. That will better suit you and your family.

May 28, 2010 Go and get help
by: Rose

A cat messing up your furniture or hurting your kids,then you hurting the cat.Why not admit you hate cats and just let the poor things go to someone who doesn't?

You don't'get'kids a cat or two as if they are a new toy.

If you get a cat you should do it to give that cat a good home and a happy life,you should not get a cat to be used and abused.

You are a very disturbed woman and not fit to be in charge of kids,you talk about hurting the cat if it scratched,no one in their right mind would talk like that.

I fear for your kids!

Go and get some professional help for yourself quickly.

May 28, 2010 CRUEL
by: Carol

"If I get my kids a cat or two they will be declawed" you whine,just as if it's the same as aying "If I get my kids a bag or two of sweeties I'll make sure they are soft ones"

You stupid moronic person,you don't HAVE to get your kids a cat or two you know,no one is forcing you.

It seems to me you want one or two innocent little kittens to take your revenge out on because a cat hurt you years ago.

Do you know declawing is the amputation of the cats last toe joints,they are cut or burned off leaving the cat crippled.

I suggest you have your own finger ends amputated and that will stop you writing any more rubbish.

You'd get no sympathy here!

If you go ahead with your cruel plan then I hope you get your just deserts one day.

May 28, 2010 Huh
by: Sue

Huh we know the real reason,you put it first,you don't want your furniture scratched.

You put your kids second to your furniture,that shows what sort of person you are.Do you hit them for dirtying the house?

Why get a cat?You know full well cats have claws.

If you don't like that fact,then get a dog.

Oh but dogs have claws too AND teeth,maybe you should stick to soft toys if you can't teach your kids to be kind and respect animals.

People like you make me sick,we don't want to hear your misfortune as a child,I'd like to bet you had hurt that cat as cats don't hurt anyone without good reason.

They FEEL PAIN and FEAR, just like we do.

You can't just use them as you wish.

For God's sake don't deprive a cat from having a GOOD home by taking it in to your hell hole and having its toes axed off out of spite.

May 28, 2010 Short message for mommy
by: Anonymous

You don't want your spawn scratched,you don't want your furniture scratched so


May 28, 2010 Are you for real?
by: Petra Stephenson

Is it possible that anyone can be as obnoxious as you and live? I'm not even going to answer your stupid, antagonistic post, I just want to seek you out and thump you - HARD.

May 28, 2010 You disgust me
by: Babz

I normally would try to find some good in everyone but you madam are of no worth and no consequence and indeed no brains or compassion either. Why on earth would someone who so obviously dislikes cats ever contemplate "owning" them unless it is for sadistic reasons. It sounds to me like you are one very sick "momma", you not only shouldn't be allowed to own cats but you should also have your kids taken away from you and put into care because you are obviously of an unstable and violent nature and not to be trusted around any small young creatures.

Do us all a favour and go and check yourself in for some headwork!

Barbara avatar

May 28, 2010 To mommyof2
by: Kathryn

If you are not a troll then you are one very sick person.Why come on here boasting of your intentions to get your kids one or two cats,when you so obviously hate cats?

You are bringing up your kids the wrong way,they need to learn to RESPECT animals,not to think they can have them adapted to use as they will.

Have you read NOTHING about declawing?What when the poor cats start biting to defend themselves, what when they mess on the floor because their mutilated feet are so painful?What about all the vets bills you will have to pay because of the effects of the cats having TEN amputations?Oh but I don't suppose that will worry you,you'll just let them suffer as you obviously enjoy the thought of that.

If you are for real then you need to see someone quickly to sort out your twisted personality.You obviously hold a grudge against a cat who 'supposedly' hurt you years ago and intend to make other cats pay for that.

I wish you a long lingering painful illness where all your fingers and toes rot and drop off

May 28, 2010 You are low life !!!!
by: Ruth

You say you are thinking of getting your kids a cat or two as if they are toys and not living feeling beings just like YOU and your precious kids are.You say you won't have your kids hurt like you were, get real, your kids are more likely to hurt the poor cats unfortunate enough to end up in the hands of YOU, a cat ABUSER !

What a lesson to teach them,that animals can be adapted so they can be abused easier.

What did you do to the poor cat who atacked you ? Cats DO NOT attack for no reason. You obviously think of cats as possessions.You are the lowest form of life !!!!You shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a fly, let alone a cat.

Don't you know the agony cats go through being de-toed,don't you know that declawed cats bite, oh but you'll just smash their teeth out if they bite your brats I suppose.

Indoor cats DO need claws, they need them to walk and exercise properly, but you won't care will you, you just want to get your hands on two innocent little creatures and ruin their lives.

Well I'm telling you, animal abusers do NOT get away with their cruelty, what comes around goes around and I promise you that one day you will suffer as you plan to make those cats suffer.

Now crawl back under your stone away from the decent people who come to this site,you are not fit to lick their boots.

May 28, 2010 Kids and Claws
by: Helmi Flick

I believe you're missing out on a good lesson for your children. All animals have defensive tools. Children need to learn this. Plus, if you keep your cats' claws clipped, then when they play, the scratching is minimal. It's only when WE aren't careful that we get scratched.

The responsibility to "read" our cats and their intentions (this is always broadcast by the cat) is ours and ours alone, if we are the ones to decide to include this marvelous animal in our household. They are companions. They depend on us. If we stimulate them, they will play. Play uses claws.

How many times have you accidentally scratched someone with your own nails? It happens. But if you believe your babies will be scratched if you bring cats into your home, then wait to have them until your children are old enough to know how to read them and to treat them. If you love these species, you wouldn't have them without this understanding by your children.

It's a no brainer, to me. Especially if you see what declawing does to cats. It's a barbaric mutilation.

Maybe a dog would be better for your family?

May 28, 2010 UNFIT CAT OWNER
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

I normally don't call anyone an animal "owner" because animals, including cats, are living, breathing, sentient beings who deserve the same freedoms and rights that humans do. That being said, a 'normal' human would be called an animal caretaker.

You, on the other hand, seem to think you 'OWN' the cats you are thinking of getting and feel it is your right to abuse them by mutilating them. What about your kids? If they use crayone on the walls, will you then take a butcher knife and chop off their hands? If they go near the stove, will you slice off their fingers? No? Why not? It's the same thing. What if one of your kids gets their clothes dirty or kicks someone? Will you then chop off their legs or feet? Same thing.

Just because cats are indoors doesn't mean they don't need their claws. Have you even bothered to read everything within this site with respect to declawing? Have you viewed the videos? Doesn't the pain and agony of declawed cats bother you at all? What kind of person, never mind parent, are you anyway?

Sounds to me like you are impatient, uncaring and unworthy of caring for the LIVES of cats. Do us all a favor, please? Get your kids STUFFED TOYS THAT LOOK LIKE CATS - not the real thing. You are far too selfish and unfeeling to do right by any animal - cat or dog or even fish.

Judging by your location, I'd say you were in Massachusetts and if you are, you will find there is a groundswell of people pushing for a ban on declawing. It is already against the law to devocalize an animal here in Massachusetts and I am proud to say I was involved with thousands of others in working very hard to get that bill passed. Believe me, I will continue to tirelessly work with others of like mind here to push for a total ban on declawing too. Someone has to speak up for the animals in this state. Obviously, you won't.

May 28, 2010 You disgust me!
by: Maggie Sharp

You are disgusting, you are ignorant and selfish. People like you are the reason that this world is so messed up, you think it's perfectly okay to hurt an animal so long as it makes YOU happy and it benefits YOU.

My cat is indoors only, but his life would be nothing without his claws, EVERYTHING he does includes claws. Declawing is torture, in my country you would be prosecuted for it, and if I've got anything to do with it the same thing will happen in yours!

Declawing a cat is like removed a human's fingers to the LAST knuckle. But I suppose that doesn't matter, so long as your furniture is happy and looks nice! Who cares if the cat suffers!

I suggest you don't get cats for your kids, a cat's life isn't much fun when it's constantly in pain, and your kids probably grow up thinking it's okay to declaw cats.

I can't believe you, you're a cruel and heartless person, it makes me sick!

May 28, 2010 Appalled
by: Michael

Thanks for finding the time to share your thoughts. But sadly, I find your attitude and opinion appalling.

You shouldn't adopt a cat at all as you are totally the wrong person to care for a cat. You can't care for a cat because you are already planning mutilating it out of convenience even before you "get it"!

It is extremely likely that the reason for your cat "attack" when you were younger was because of something that you did or something that another person did or didn't do.

For example, that cat might have been playing. And if anyone gets badly scratched it is their fault not the cat.

Do cats a favour and steer clear of them, please. Cats don't need people like you.

Michael Avatar

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