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India: Man Carries Kittens to Safety in Flood. Mama Nearby — 8 Comments

  1. A heart warming photo that speaks a thousand words. A average Indian man saving his kittens from drowning in the greatest of natural calamities.Hope the mother cat swimming survived as also the kittens.Was this a “Media Photo” ? There is no data on the result of this unbelievable rescue act by a common man .This seems to be a Press photo.

    • Rudolph, I am not sure of the status of the photo. It is “on the internet” and copyright seems to be unimportant these days because Google and Pinterest are constantly and massively in breach if it all the time. I believe it is now in the public domain.

      If someone complains I’d be happy to comply with any terms and conditions stipulated.

  2. all i can say is good on that man for doing such a bravery thing for the mother. I salute that man for such a great job well done.

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