Will one female cat feed another one’s kittens?

Will one female cat feed another one's kittens? Yes if they are domestic cats.

I am writing about domestic cats. The reason for that is because not infrequently there’s more than one female cat available to share the responsibility of raising kittens. In the wild, it is far less likely that a female cat will encounter another and therefore what I describe below applies to domestic cats. RELATED: …

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Is it okay to lick my cat?

Woman licks her cat as she wants to behavior like a true cat mom

Is the question relevant to our lives? People ask it nonetheless. But frankly it is almost irrelevant. However, exceedingly rarely some cat owners do lick their cat and an avowed and self-declared crazy cat lady does it all the time because she wants to behave like a true mother cat caring for her newborn …

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Female domestic cats respond particularly quickly to urgent kitten calls

Female cats responded about 10 per cent faster to kitten calls that conveyed high arousal – greater urgency – than to kitten calls that conveyed low arousal

A study found that female domestic cats responded about 10% faster to kitten calls which conveyed to them a high level of urgency compared to kitten calls which were assessed as non-urgent. Females evaluate kitten’s emotional state The conclusion of the researchers was that female cats are able to evaluate the emotional state of …

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Infographic on “Why does a cat like being stroked?”

Bodega cat is petted while enjoying a high advantage point and a bit of heat from a device in a shop.

Because of her early days experiences, a kitten equates being provided for with her mother. As the human caregiver continues to provide for the now adult cat, the cat relates to their human caregiver as their mother. Her true mom licked her kitten a lot during her earliest days to clean them, which is …

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Cat cannibalism – 9 reasons why it occurs, one of which is “murder”

Starving cat forced into cannibalism

Cat cannibalism is nearly always a form of abnormal maternal behaviour. Most often it concerns the queen (breeding mother cat) consuming her young. Often it is the first-born kitten. Apparently, it occurs quite commonly, particularly in catteries. The definition of “cannibalism” is the eating of another animal of the same species for food. The …

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Female, domestic stray cat has a kitten and knows she needs a human caregiver and asks

Momma cat with kitten asks for a caregiver

There is only one way to interpret the behaviour of this stray, female domestic cat who leads the video maker on a rainy day towards a lobby area of what appears to be an apartment block where she has her kitten. How else can you interpret this but to say that she wants and …

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How do mother cats wean their kittens?

Super-looking Kitten

A kitten’s mother typically starts to wean him/her in the fourth or fifth week of their life. It may be earlier if: the litter is large or; the mother is stressed or; the mother is unwell. The mother (‘queen’ in cat fancy parlance) drives the process of weaning her kittens. Dr Bradshaw says that …

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