Infographic on 5 aspects of domestic cat personality

Cat personality - 5 aspects
Infographic on Cat personality – 5 aspects by MikeB at PoC. It is free to use under Creative Commons: ATTRIBUTION-NODERIVS CC BY-ND license. Please link back to this website. Thanks.
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This is an attempt to list in an infographic some salient points about domestic cat personality which is a big topic. I am touching on some well-known and less well-known aspects of domestic cat personality in the infographic.

Assessing cat personality can be problematic. Firstly, humans are feeling their way in the dark and secondly assessing cat and dog personality at animal shelters brings in real problems of accuracy because of the stressful environment.

An interesting aspect of domestic cat personality is the potential link between coat colour and character. Can it be linked? It seems that it can. I won’t say more because this page is about the infographic and in any case, there are some more articles below.

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