Notes on the personalities of cats of various cat breeds

Cat breed personality as per a study

There have been various studies on the personalities of cats of a number of cat breeds. It’s an interesting topic. I’ve always thought that it is challenging to state that all members of a cat breed have a certain personality. You can’t say that because individual cats have their own personality which modifies any …

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Domestic cat predatory behaviour linked to hunger, prey size and personality

Domestic cat predation behaviour is dependent of 3 factors: personality, hunger and prey size

It is commonly said that hunger does not dictate whether a domestic cat engages in predatory behaviour as domestic cats instinctively hunt and this desire is not influenced by whether they are hungry or not. However, the picture is more nuanced than that according to the findings of a study which was published along …

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Best and worst cat breeds on 10 characteristics as the British Shorthair comes out on top (Infographic)

Blue British Shorthair at a cat show

Well, this is an infographic showing the best and worst cat breeds with respect to 10 different characteristics. I think people who are considering adopting a purebred, pedigree cat will find it interesting. The infographic is entirely based on one study: Breed differences of heritable behaviour traits in cats. It was conducted by Milla …

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Are there cat breeds that like water?

It is a fantasy that all Sphynx cats LOVE water

Internet articles are misleading on the topic of cat breeds liking or loving water. Is it true as the internet largely states that there are cat breeds that like or love water which means that they like to jump into water and join you in the shower and dive into baths begging to be …

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Cat caving, cocooning and fridging!

Cat caving, cocooning and fridging

I have created an infographic based on Jackson Galaxy’s very personal concepts and language when describing domestic cat behavior. He hits the nail on the head. You just have to translate his unique language 😃👌. This is about a perennial domestic cat problem: anxiety or fearfulness. A lot of cats are okay with decent …

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Infographic on 5 aspects of domestic cat personality

Cat personality - 5 aspects

This is an attempt to list in an infographic some salient points about domestic cat personality which is a big topic. I am touching on some well-known and less well-known aspects of domestic cat personality in the infographic. Assessing cat personality can be problematic. Firstly, humans are feeling their way in the dark and …

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Help needed: got two new boy cats yesterday, very scared babies hiding all the time

Newly adopted scared cats

You adopt a couple of rescue cats. And if they are siblings and if they get along well, you’ve done well. They can entertain themselves which takes a certain amount of responsibility away from you to entertain them. You walk into your home and release them from their carrier and they immediately go behind …

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