Maine Coon hairy feet discussed

Super-long Maine Coon paw tufts

Maine Coons are known for their hairy feet, with tufts of fur protruding between their toes. While it varies among individual cats, there are remarkable photos showcasing exceptionally long tufts of hair extending downward through the paw pads. This results in the fur cushioning the space between the paw pads and the floor during …

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Useful free to use picture of a happy Maine Coon

Free to use picture of a happy Maine Coon

This is a useful free to use photographic quality image of a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat resting in a cat tree of suitable size and robustness. He’ll be male as nearly all ginger tabbies are male. RELATED: 12 facts on keeping an indoor cat happy We (good cat caregivers) know that ensuring your …

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Sweden’s cat lovers like the Ragdoll and Maine Coon

Raggie and MC are the two most popular cat breeds in Sweden

Statista tell us that the favourite cat breeds of Sweden are the Ragdoll, Maine Coon and Siberian in that order for the top three. The selection is very similar to that which you’ll find in the US and other Western countries except for the Siberian, which originates in Russia. Raggies have to be pliable …

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Is a Maine Coon, Savannah mix possible? Yes and no.

Maine Coon Savannah cat mix is possible physically and biologically but it's not allowed per cat association rules

Is a Maine Coon, Savannah cat mix possible? That’s the question and there are two ways to answer it. The answer depends on whether you comply with the cat associations breed standards or not. Maine Coon breed standard disallows outcrossing The reason for that is simple. The Maine Coon breed standard states unequivocally that …

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The most expensive cat breeds to insure in the UK 2024 infographic. Source: Which?

The most expensive cat breeds to insure in the UK 2024. Source: Which?

Got to briefly comment on this. The insurance cost must be directly related to the inherited health of the cats in the respective cat breeds. The table clearly indicates that the Maine Coon costs caregivers the most in terms of veterinary bills. This must mean that this beautiful and third most popular breed is …

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Lykoi Maine Coon mix called a Lycoon

Formally speaking the Maine Coon Lykoi mix is a hypothetical breed and will never happen under the auspices of the cat fancy

This man on TikTok, Robert Coad (robertcoad530), claims to have bred a Maine Coon/Lykoi hybrid or a Maine Coon Lykoi mix which he calls a Lycoon. And he appears to be doing this informally in his apartment or house. He presents his efforts on TikTok. He is very pleased with himself but I’m not …

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People want calm and sociable pets and for dogs, the goldendoodle is the biggest draw for a family pet

In the UK, as at 2024, the popular dog breed is the goldendoodle and the popular cat breeder is the Maine Coon as per a Pets4Homes survey.

A study based on sales and adverts placed on the Pets4Homes website which is, by the way, the UK’s largest marketplace for pets, found that people with children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are searching for calm and sociable pets. I think it would be fair to say that you could successfully argue that …

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Where is the Maine Coon from? The origin.

Origin of the Maine Coon

There are perhaps as many as a dozen different theories on the origin of the Maine Coon believe it or not. One of the most unusual is that the Vikings imported Norwegian Forest Cats into North America in Newfoundland, Canada, in 1021AD! They sailed from Norway on those small boats. Sound feasible? 🤔 The Norwegian …

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