Infographic on the British Shorthair

Here is a compact infographic on the ever-popular British Shorthair prepared by me. The top image and the Brit LH pics are by Helmi Flick, added with her permission. The other 2 are in the public domain (as assessed). It is deliberately concise as in a fast moving, internet centred world people skim stuff. I don’t believe that the average internet user wants to trawl through tons of text. They seek a snapshot to get a rapid understanding of the topic. Rightly or wrongly, that is the reason for this style of presentation. Below the infographic are some more articles on the British Shorthair but there are many more so please use the custom search tool if you are interested. Thanks.

Click on the infographic for a larger version.

Infographic on the British Shorthair. It is short and compact for instant reading

Infographic on the British Shorthair. It is short and compact for instant reading. Created by MikeB.

Some more stuff on the Brit SH:

You want to adopt a cat that is less likely to hunt and kill

You want to adopt a cat which is less likely to hunt than normal

In general, cat owners don't like the fact that their domestic cat companions hunt. Clearly, I'm referring to cats allowed ...
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British Shorthair - an indoor cat

Why are British Shorthairs indoor cats?

British Shorthair cats are purebred, pedigree cats when registered with a cat association. They have a distinctive appearance indicating that ...
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British Shorthair TYBA

What colour are British Shorthair cats?

British Shorthair cats are shown in all colours and all divisions of the traditional category. The traditional colours are black, ...
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Brit SH

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) affects 10% of British Shorthairs

Sadly, there are studies, one of which I am reading right now, which confirm that this very popular cat breed ...
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Blue British Shorthair at a cat show

Why are British Shorthairs so soft?

This is an easy one. And it is going to be a short one. Thirdly, I'm going to quote verbatim ...
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Russian? blue British Shorthair bred to extreme

Pictures of cats: extreme blue British Shorthair

I've picked out three pictures of blue British Shorthair cats which I consider to be bred to an extreme level ...
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Cinnamon British shorthair

Pictures of cats: cinnamon British Shorthair

I should publish some pictures of cats from time to time because that is the name of the website. The ...
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Tabby British Shorthair on leash in snow

Picture of grey tabby British Shorthair on a leash in the snow

This is a picture which caught my eye because it is quite rare to see a domestic cat on a ...
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