Best and worst cat breeds on 10 characteristics as the British Shorthair comes out on top (Infographic)

Blue British Shorthair at a cat show

Well, this is an infographic showing the best and worst cat breeds with respect to 10 different characteristics. I think people who are considering adopting a purebred, pedigree cat will find it interesting. The infographic is entirely based on one study: Breed differences of heritable behaviour traits in cats. It was conducted by Milla …

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You want to adopt a cat which is less likely to hunt than normal

You want to adopt a cat that is less likely to hunt and kill

In general, cat owners don’t like the fact that their domestic cat companions hunt. Clearly, I’m referring to cats allowed outside. A lot of cat owners also want their cats to go outside so that they are mentally stimulated and can express their natural desires. But they don’t like the fact that they kill …

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Why are British Shorthairs indoor cats?

British Shorthair - an indoor cat

British Shorthair cats are purebred, pedigree cats when registered with a cat association. They have a distinctive appearance indicating that they are purebred. The most popular colour is blue which is a diluted black and these cats often have copper eyes. It is a distinctive and glamorous look. You won’t see a blue British …

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What colour are British Shorthair cats?

British Shorthair TYBA

British Shorthair cats are shown in all colours and all divisions of the traditional category. The traditional colours are black, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, fawn, red, cream and white. In the pointed category there is seal, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac, fawn, red and cream pointing and under the sepia and mink colour banner there …

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Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) affects 10% of British Shorthairs

Sadly, there are studies, one of which I am reading right now, which confirm that this very popular cat breed (particularly the blue) suffers from a high prevalence of HCM, often of early onset and with a significant male sex predisposition. In other words, male cats are predisposed to get it at a young …

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Pictures of cats: extreme blue British Shorthair

Russian? blue British Shorthair bred to extreme

I’ve picked out three pictures of blue British Shorthair cats which I consider to be bred to an extreme level (I added a fourth). I think it’s instructive to have a look at these pictures of cats. The first one you might describe as monstrous. It is definitely a cat but is nothing like …

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