Is Cartoon Cat real or fake?

‘Cartoon Cat’ is a modern creation. We don’t know whether he’s masculine or feminine so the character is probably an “it”. I’m gonna say he’s masculine. A conventional approach. As he’s a cartoon character he has to be fake in that sense because he only exists in cartoons, on the Internet. But he is real in the sense that a cartoon is real. And he’s popular because if you search for “cartoon cat” using the Bing search engine he comes up first. This is remarkable because the phrase ‘cartoon cat’ could apply to any number of the long list of cartoon cat characters over the years.

Cartoon Cat
Cartoon Cat. Image:
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A sub-question is whether Cartoon Cat is creepypasta. What is creepypasta? It just means a horror story. It is Internet language created by young people to describe a horror story. So, Cartoon Cat, could be involved in creepypasta but he is not creepypasta himself because he is an individual character.

Most of the great cartoon characters were created many years ago in the 1930s to 1980s perhaps. The higher quality cat cartoon characters were created in the middle of the 20th century, in my opinion. The drawings decreased in quality. But Cartoon Cat, is a completely different sort of character. He is a cartoon in that he is drawn and not real but he just stands there scaring people. His simple presence is scary. And he’s tall at about 10 feet. Is he a serial killer? His teeth are bloody.

He was created by Trevor Henderson, a Canadian who is described as a “horror artist”. The first, early image of this character was posted online on August 4, 2018. It’s a photograph of a large creature resembling a black-and-white rubberhose cartoon sitting on an abandoned building. He is leering at the camera from around a door frame according to the website. There is such a thing as ‘rubberhose art’.

“Cartoon Cat is merely a physical representation of a far more powerful and incomprehensible being” – Henderson the creator.

Cartoon Cat
Cartoon Cat. Image:

From there it appears that the character evolved to the one we see in the images on this page. This cartoon character has no feet, it seems to me, and very large hands with white gloves. They are not actually white gloves but that’s what they look like. Cat breeders would call these the paws of a “mitted” cat i.e. as if the cat is wearing mitts or gloves. I think Henderson wanted to give the character a bittersweet appearance. So we have this theatrical, comical appearance combined with a horror appearance.

There was a photograph apparently where Cartoon Cat had visible feet or paws on his hind legs. However, you will see that he has no feet which looks very strange. In one video it appears that he is floating just above the ground. It seems that he has feet but they are invisible.

The creator says that Cartoon Cat is the most dangerous monster in his collection of monsters and that he is very dangerous without limitations. Apparently he can change his shape at will and on a whim. He is malleable and shape-shifting which adds to the impression of the potential for violence. It makes him more sinister and more difficult to comprehend.

Cartoon Cat
Cartoon Cat. Image:

In my opinion, Cartoon Cat is based upon the early cat cartoon characters and I am thinking of one particularly namely Felix the Cat who is a black-and-white cat with a big mouth and teeth which are quite prominent. Although Felix is a friendly cat as far as I remember. But the drawings of Felix, being old from the 1930s, look sort of broken up and fragmented and I think that may have inspired Henderson. He turned the idea of cartoon cats which is to create funny cats in funny situations on its head by going to the opposite end of the spectrum: to violence and horror. That’s quite a neat idea I think. Perhaps it is the reason why this cat is so successful.

I also believe that this cartoon cat character is a product of the modern era. It is a product of young males, often teenagers, who spend a lot of time on the Internet creating memes and adding funny captions to pictures et cetera. I think this cat was made for those people. That’s why I have a video on this page of a young man who I presume is successful on YouTube. He’s a smart guy with a quick wit and a fast delivery. And young and energetic. That’s the kind of audience that Mr Henderson is addressing in this evil cartoon cat character.


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