Artificial intelligence (AI) undermines the Internet

Ai tech ‘steals’ internet content is massive automated scan and regurgitates it after processing it when asked questions

OPINION: I would argue that AI undermines the Internet and I’ve created an Infographic in the form of a flowchart which is one way of representing what is happening. There are other aspects to this but this is how I see it. This is a 2-page article, please note. Big publishers sue AI The …

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Daily Motion embedded video spoils Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance score

Screenshot showing core vitals performance readout of a page with a link to the Daily Motion website's video

This short article is for the technically minded and website owners and managers. It may not be news for them but it certainly is for me and I’d like to pass on the information for those struggling to pass Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance measuring tools. These are very technical measurements and …

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Websites should be advertising platforms with content attached!

Mail Online is dripping with adverts and we should embrace it

There is a discussion about the balance between the adverts and the content on news and content websites. A lot of people think that adverts are intrusive and shouldn’t be there at all. The adverts can irritate some readers. But I think that content websites like this one should be advertising platforms with the …

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Photo of a fierce-looking Maine Coon deemed to be ‘hateful conduct’ by Twitter X and viewing restricted!

Photo of fierce-looking Maine Coon deemed 'hateful conduct' by Twitter's algorithm believe it or not!

Elon Musk has a problem with Twitter X’s algorithm which scans images and decides if they are in violation of the social media platform’s policies. This is presumably artificial intelligence (AI) gone wrong. It is bizarre and frankly stupid although not uncommon. Nowadays the internet is already managed in large part by pain-in-the arse …

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“12 cat breeds with the longest lifespans”. True or false?

Cat breed lifespans?

I am not going to provide you with a list of the “12 cat breeds with the longest lifespans”. You came here for that list but it can’t exist despite what you see on the Internet. This post is a criticism of those websites. There are many websites jumping on this bandwagon. It is …

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Translate a website into your language (instructions)

Translate websites using google translate

Here’s how to translate a website into your language using Google Translate. It is a bit fiddlier on phones because of the restricted size of the device. But this is pretty straightforward for first-time users. Copy the website’s address by tapping it once. The website’s address is the ‘URL’. It is in the box …

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Google’s Bard will provide AI text answers in revamp to their search results but is this the right and fair thing to do?


I’m questioning Google’s decision to provide AI text answers through their chat bot, Bard, in a revamp of their search engine results. I’ll tell you why. If I am right, I think Google is being unfair and they may damage the Internet. Current status When you use Google today, you ask Google to find …

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