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Is Gypsy a real Turkish Van? — 6 Comments

  1. JaLo just loves Christmas. No package goes uninspected. I just have to check all guest’s bags to make sure they left JaLo.

    • JaLo also has a Van-type pattern. JaLo has the typical pattern of cats in the area around the eastern Mediterranean including Turkey. JaLo looks Southern European/Turkish to me! But that is just based on me looking at lots of pictures of cats over years and knowing where they were taken.

      The thing is the area around Turkey is where the domestic cat was first domesticated so the genes from these cats fan out across the world. So, they are everywhere.

      However, to me you have Van-type cats.

      Here is a Cyprus Van-type cat.

    • Hi Marilyn, you have asked a massive question 😉 This is because the classic Turkish Van patten is just like the pattern on Wookie.

      So on that basis he is an unregistered Turkish Van. He would to have a pedigree to be called a Turkish Van in the USA.

      However, in Turkey the Turkish Van is really the same cat as the Turkish Angora and they have a range of coat types. Also in Turkey the Turkish Van and Angora are not registered with a cat association and neither do they have a pedigree yet they are more purebred than any American cat of this name.

      Confused? Complicated? Yes.

      The simplest answer I can give is that Wookie looks like an American Turkish Van. If he had a pedigree he would be one and he could be one because he looks fabulous.

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